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Head guy meeting with another guy in diner. The info he collects is dangerous. One guy's a killer.

Leader listening in woods and runs a website called enemy above. Has wife and three kids. MacGregor.

FBI breaks in and takes him. Puts him in an interrogation room. Framing him for pedophilia.planted in his cabin and someone betrayed him.

Katie and Will go back to the cabin and tell Bram and Snyder about what happened with the RAP. Snyder's been keeping rumors to himself. Aliens wanted slave labor to build grids in defense of bigger enemy.

Snyder tells them to tread lightly.

Broussard and girl are still on their own. She wants to meet a contact. He doesn't. They are going to the 'camp.'

Alarm sounding where Will and Katie are. Spooning. Aww.

MacGregor is having the RAP brought out for all to see. Calls it the enemy. He tells them its a machine. MacGregor quote. 11:58. 

He says it's lying and he's convincing the camp. He wants to destroy the RAP (click).They're behind hiim. Katie and Will look at each other and Snyder leaves.

Broussard and girl cautiously go to meet the man. Tanya 2s been thinking to.

He motions them onto a bus full of communicaation devices.

They want to go to the camp so they can tell them about the plant in Seattle sending out waves weakening humans.

Gracie and Charlie go to school. Charlie knows somethings up. Commander summons Will and Katie by gunpoint.

MacGregor skipped bail and hid. Will and Katie want to question the RAP. Katie reveals some things she held back from her notebook. He's gonna kick them out unless they fall in line.

Bram is helping with the fertilizer. He finds fuses on the truck. Bram helps with fertilizer again.

Broussard's getting nervous. Guy comes back with info. They are being overrun by the occupation. Broussard and girl get away. Guy gets killed.

Katie and Will tell Snyder and Bram about MacGregor meeting. Bram tells them the camp is building a bomb. Snyder wants everyone to leave. Katie says she gets that.

Bram and Katie are putting up the laundry. The war is against ourselves, she says at 24 mins.

They meet a guy in the woods. The guy who originally brought them. Second in command cut out. They want his help to convince MacGregor not to destroy the click. He'll talk to MacGregor.

Broussard and girl in the woods on the way to camp. He thinks she walked him into a trap. Enemies got on them fast. She says trust me or don't.

He decides to.

Second in command gets kicked out and yelled at. They took the RAP away to the trucks. Will and Katie leave.

Snyder grabs his stuff and he's leaving. Sneaking out. He has a ruse and walks out of the camp. The guard lets him go cause he's distracted.

Broussard and girl have to go across cold water with a raft.

MacGregor putting RAP and bomb on train to Seattle. Will quote at 32 mins. You can't change the past.

Second in command on their side.

Bram's spying on the trucks and started distraction fire. Distracted, the guys and found fuses in box to take.

Katie and Will spying on MacGregor. They're going in by force. It's a trap. MacGregor was on to them. MacGregor trying to convince Vincent that katie and Will are liars.

Vincent looks like he's buying it. He's convincing Vincent. Will and Katie are double agents.

Vincent lowered his weapon. Will and katie got taken to the brig.

Girl happens upon a crash crate with a little hand made hut and a Seattle brochure. It's a New Seattle.

She brings it back to Broussard and he burns it.

He apologizes for accusing her. He explains he's been betrayed a lot. He trusts her now and she trusts him.

Snyder is looking for his electronic and is caught. Loses shoe and is dragged back. 

Broussard finds shoe.

how much time has passed?

Camp is abandoned. Windows are broken. Everyone is gone.

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Colony Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

The truth is, this Click is trying to exploit us. It knows that humans are weak, most humans are, but not the ones in this camp.


I hate to repeat myself, but we need to leave. Now!