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Someone's being questioned by some other guy. Evan is being interrogated. They're trying to read his emotions. It's a lie detector. He's going for political office. (governing a block.)

Wayne Brady designed the algorithm used in lie detection to classify the human population. Wayne wants to download all data without detection. He orders it done.

Snyders taking a shower and puts on a robe. He's in Switzerland in a chalet. He has a butler (Julian). He's enjoying his meal. He has a car too. The car's yours sir. Sooo, that means I can drive it. .37

He's meeting with the blonde. She's inviting Snyder to a cocktail party.

Will's family is walking up the road. they look rough. Can't a won't stop. They go to a house in an abandoned town. Gracie has a wound that Will is taking care of. They're checking houses for supplies. Car won't start. Will is devastated. Need to find a diesel car.

Katie found Neosporin and an empty gun. Will's go bullets?

Will is loading it. Bram reads the writing on a house 'gone to Seattle.' Will wants to take the family back to the woods.

Snyder is living it up at a cocktail party. He sees the blonde lady. She introduces him to everyone. Snyder recognizes a woman or just likes her.

Their talk is interrupted by a French woman.

Eyeroll. He hates playing politics.

Snyder says he's fresh out of ideas.

Back to the Bowmans walking. Bram sees signs of Seattle. He wants to go there. Gracie's wound looks bad. 15:35, "Why would a colony be advertising to take people in? LA had overcrowding issues from the go."

No colonies. Says Will.

He's going to keep watch while they rest. Will unloads the gun and puts the bullets in his coat. Not all the bullets.

RAP machine wakes Will. He wakes everyone up. They're trapping them under the bridge. Making high pitched noises. They're herding the Bowmans, but nothing comes of it. They begin walking.

Snyder is reading about the British Empire. Helena shows up. Snyder wants to know what she wants. They have labor shortages. They're renditioning colonies to gather supplies. Helena says the algorithm doesn't work because people adapt. She wants Snyder's help. Strokes his ego.

Snyder sees Alana at the bar and he talks to her. She wants to hear about the invasion of the resistance.

Gracie is feverish. Her wound looks very bad and she's going septic. The bowmen want to go to Seattle, but Will and Katie will be arrested. Everybody has to buy in.

Snyder has a nightmare. Alana is in his bed. He's calling Julian. He requests an incident report about what happened in the battle. Comes across Charlie - looking for him. He's very upset. Tearing up. He calls Helena Goldwyn.

Bowmans are walking again. This time car stops. They're going to Seattle. Will asks for a ride. They don't have room. His name is Jim. Will begs Jim. Jim agrees to take Gracie,l but only by herself.

Will brings out the gun and takes the car. "I'm sorry." Will

Back to Snyder. He's having dinner with the block leaders. (Proxy) 

Wasn't a negotiation. Snyder has his swagger back. Proxy Lee and Flemming. He says they worked with the resistance and has them taken by the grey hats. Sits and enjoys his wine.

The Bowmans run out of gas. Gracie's running out of time. She looks bad. Bram and Will take turns carrying her. They see Seattle in the distance. They made it.

Arrival at the SRMA gate. They run to the gate and get Gracie help. The paramedics take her to the medical tent. She looks bad. They can see her after she's stabilized.

Will lies and says they are the Daltons. she takes photos. They will start processing. Will starts to break down. Katie sends Bram out of the tent.

Bram is collecting supplies and checking out the area. He reports back to his parents. "If they come for us, you have to look after your sister." Katie

He agrees, of course.

Snyder is sitting pretty. Helena is upset Snyder had the proxies arrested and is giving him shit.

The Bowmans receive word that Gracie will be fine. They take Will for an 'interview'.

He sits at the algorithm machine. James Dalton. They know he's Will.

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Colony Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Julian: The car's yours, sir.
Snyder: Soooo, that means I can drive it?

Why would a colony be advertising to take people in? LA had overcrowding issues from the go.