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From the map Liv left behind Constantine notices that a supernatural event is taking place in Pennsylvania.

John arrives in town and learns a man had been roasted alive in his shower. He was the boss of the local mine.

On a street corner, he bumps into  the mysterious Zed. She claims to have been dreaming about him.  Needless to say John thinks she's a stalker and quickly disappears. However, she manages to swipe his wallet.

John is told by the townsfolk that there have been several mining accidents lately. He decides to visit the dead man's wake and makes his way to the scene of the crime. From the shower head he takes a small sample of sludge.

It's isn't long before the man's widow confronts John in the bathroom. She doesn't seem to be mourning her husband's passing. The woman confesses theirs was not a happy marriage before coming on to John.

He attempts to leave the house but is roughed up by the owner of the mine. It seems everyone is aware there's a spirit in the mine.

When he returns to his hotel room he finds Zed there waiting. She tells him about her visions, so decides to see if she's the real deal. John drops a bit of the sludge from the shower in her palm. Zed instantly experiences what the victim felt as he burned. The is also a tall cross in her vision.

The cross leads John to a small church. There he summons one of the spirits while Zeb encounters a disillusioned priest at the local bar. The man's son was killed in the mine and he had lost his faith.

John and Zeb go down to the mine. He corners the owner's son but they find themselves locked in his car as it begins to fill with mud. Zeb arrives in time to save John but the young man is not so fortunate.

When they locate the priest, he assures them he's not involved. It's the mine's bosses that are being targeted.

The owner makes the mistake of entering the mine and is attacked and killed. John's plan is to blow the mine and end this once and for all.

However, since these spirits are supposed to protect the miners, John theorizes something else is going on.

He remembers the widow that came on to him and it turns out she's a gypsy. She attempts to have the spirits kill him, but John summons the spirit of her dead husband and he drags her to her death.


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Constantine Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Zed: It's you. You're you.
Constantine: That observation always ends in the same way and it's never in my favor.
Zed: I dream about you. I was starting to believe you weren't real. Who are you?

Constantine: You saw the fire.
Zed: Was that the man in town who was burning?
Constantine: What else did you see?
Zed: A tall cross.
Constantine: Alright, you did a cracking job. Well we're on to something you and me.