Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 7 online to learn the truth behind a small town preachers mysterious healing powers. Zed's visions lead our occult investigators to Kentucky this week.

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Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 7 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you to join John and Zed in Kentucky where a novice preacher is performing miracles. Zachary's father was a preacher and a snake handler. When he died during a worship service due to a snake bite his church and flock were passed on to his children. Though inexperienced, Zachary simply wanted to make his father proud when he took his place as the town's preacher. Determined to walk in his father's footsteps, Zachary is also bit by a poisonous snake during a service. Only instead of dying, he's revived with something mysterious in his hand and the power to heal. Re-growing a man's leg actually falls in the realm of full blown miracle. However, the healed are changed in more ways than one. Elsewhere, in art class, Zed has a vision of snakes. She and John determine their next case involves this preacher in Kentucky performing miracles. When John and Zed attend one of the preacher's worship services, he notices the man speaks Enochian, the language of the angels. The duo waits in line to meet the gifted preacher and when Zed touches him she has a vision of death and an angels wings. She assures John the man's intentions are pure and he's unquestioning in his faith. Something else was going on here because dead fish in a nearby lake was proof something poisonous had taken root. Manny appears and leads our heroes to an angel, Imogen, stranded on Earth. Yes angels can die and Imogen's days are numbered unless her feather is returned. "I was taking a dying mortal to Heaven. I don't know how, but he pulled a feather from my wing. He was revived, I fell to Earth" she tells John. So that's what Zachary was holding when he was revived, an angels feather. Since Zed had already made a connection with the preacher and gained his confidence, she was able to get close enough to retrieve the feather. Upon returning the feather to Imogen, John realizes Zachary had accidentally killed a man and was headed to hell when he died. "A fallen angel finds a desperate bloke, intercepts him at the gates of hell and makes him think it's the gates of Heaven" John says. Manny realizes that Imogen is a fallen angel planning to take the Earth back from mankind. When John begs for Manny's help, the angel finally chooses to intervene and rips Imogen's heart out of her chest. What kind of consequences will Manny face for his actions? The model Zed had been painting earlier meets with a mysterious man who wants to reunite her with her father.

Episode Details

On Constantine Season 1 Episode 7, a strange vision leads Zed and John to a small town where the preacher has the ability to perform miracles.

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Constantine Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Constantine: You said snakes?
Zed: Yeah
Constantine: Our training is expanding your psychic awareness. You see there.
Zed: What Kentucky?
Constantine: Middle of bugger all. Seems a preacher was bit by a poisonous snake which explains your vision. He came back to life and started performing miracles. Now he's a bloody star.

Zed: I could feel him John. He was so close to death. I felt what he felt in that moment.
Constantine: An angel so you said. So you get any other sense of Zachary the great and powerful?
Zed: Well, he has good intentions and he's unquestioning in his faith.
Constantine: A bit boring, but okay. Let's say he's not the dark part of this equation.
Zed: Unless he's being manipulated. Blind faith can be a dangerous thing.
Constantine: Spoken from experience.