Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 3 online now to learn who exactly has sold their soul to the devil and why. John and Zed attempt to intervene.

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Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 3 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, which allow you to see John and Zed travel to Chicago to save a woman and her family from an evil force. This woman enters an abandoned building and retrieves a bible from hidden panel in the wall. Inside it there's a vinyl record labeled Moonrise Studios. The woman takes the record to a studio engineer to be analyzed, and warns him not to listen to it. Unfortunately, that's exactly what he does and an evil force possesses him causing the man to kill himself. At the supernatural safe house, Constantine learns of this tragic loss. The case is personal as the music producer was a friend he had worked with during his Mucus Membrane years. Zed touches the newspaper with the man's photo. She smells Jasmine and is transported to a cold field. John and Zed head to Chicago and visit the morgue where the dead man's corpse is located. John uses the "hand of glory" and an incantation to talk to the dead music producer. When John asks "who did this to you?" the corpse replies with "the voice" "acetate" and "moonrise." Zed uses Google and learns that "Moonrise" was an old blues record label in the 30's. It's owner is still alive, and they pay him a visit since he's their best chance at some information. When asked about the acetate, the old man inquires if they played it. John assures him they have not, but a friend of his might have and is now dead. Marcus shares the story of Willie Cole. Legend had it he had sold his soul to the devil. While recording the devil came for him and the acetate captured his voice. Marcus tried to destroy it, but nothing worked so he sealed it up inside a wall at the old studio. Someone came asking about it and he noticed the name, Fell, on the check. John remembers Ian Fell, a metal head discovered by Bernie. He probably sold his soul to the devil as well. When John confronts Fell at his mansion he learns Jasmin, Fell's wife, is the one that made the deal. Ian was dying of cancer and had only a month to live. A soul broker offered her a deal at the hospital. Ian soon went into total remission. She claims the man offered to trade her soul back for the acetate. He texted her an address and John goes to investigate. Once there, John quickly realizes voodoo priest Papa Midnite is the one behind all this. Midnite claims the acetate is an insurance policy. A get out of hell free card. Midnite's goons subdue John and head to Fell's mansion for the acetate. They make the mistake of touching the artifact and end up wreaking havoc all over town. Zed manages to save John's life and they track the acetate to a local radio station. There, John attempts to stop Midnite's men from broadcasting the record. However, his headphones fall off and he's affected by the artifact. Papa Midnite enters the station and destroys the speakers in the room. Midnite's there for the acetate but John can't let him have it. Using an incantation, John draws on the discs own dark magic to send it back to hell. Constantine forces Anton to break the deal and Jasmine's soul is released. However, John's made an enemy of Papa Midnite who is seen burning a voodoo doll of Constantine.

Episode Details

When a woman makes a deal with the devil to save her family, John and Zed attempt to help them on Constantine Season 1 Episode 3.

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0 (29 Votes)
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Constantine Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I had an old recording studio. Willie's legend was he had sold his soul to the devil. Never put much stock in that. Turns out the acetate, it was working and recorded something when he died. The voice of the deceiver.


Each one of these stigmata represents a place where something bad is going down. Supernatural brush fires if you will. Me, Chas and a few others we're the bucket brigade.