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After sending her boyfriend, Josh, home without giving him any (she has a 10 date rule apparently), Bobby, Andy, and Ellie all show up at at Jules' house, they all exchange war stories from their 20s.  Jules feels left out as she spent her 20s raising a child.  Jules tries to relive her 20s by going out with Jules and one of her friends.

Ellie initially joins them as they start the night at Grayson's bar, but quickly leaves Jules with the youngins.  We see the rest of their crazy night  through a montage of hilarious photos that include her pole dancing, peeing in a urinal, being kicked out by a bouncer, and waving a cop's gun around.  Very hilarious.  The next day she's still drunk while showing a house and real estate agent rival Barb sees her there and calls her a rookie.  Then the hangover ensues with Grayson around to see.  Nice.

Jules' little boytoy then comes over and tells her he has a fun "young girl" position he wants to try after their 10th date.  She insists she can do it and ends up throwing her leg out.  Now limping, Jules tries to repeat her crazy night out again with Jules but ends up heading home early to hang out with Ellie.  She can still pretend like she's in her 20s... just not two nights in a row.

Meanwhile, Bobby picks up Travis in his new mode of transportation.. a golf cart from work.  When Bobby gets word of the bouncer being mean to Jules, father and son go after him with a fire extinguisher.  Very funny and even semi-sweet

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

What are you doing here, do you not get how divorce works?

Jules [to Bobby]

Ellie: It's your turn, best war story from your twenties.
Jules: Once when I was 22, I had a baby and I stayed home by myself raising him for the rest of my twenties. The end
Andy: Boo!