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Jules and Ellie go to the evil, but amazing Dr. Amy Evans (Lisa Kudrow), who gives them the botox they crave with the attitude they could live without.  It turns out that Dr. Evans is dating Bobby, so Jules decides to step in to protect him.  She feels Dr. Evans is too smart for Bobby and that the relationship will never last, but despite her attempts, they last through the episode.  We also learn that Jules never completed college and is insecure about her intelligence around Jeff.

Travis, meanwhile, begins to get nervous that his girlfriend is not showing him her true colors after advice by Jules and crew.  Andy takes him under his wing and teaches him how he managed to pull a girl way better looking than him.

Laurie ends up under Grayson's wing as he tries to get her to go for a cute, smart, rich guy, Smith, that she thinks is too good for her.  She does, they go home together.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Laurie: If Matt Damon weren't married and if he weren't a movie star and if he lived this town, we would totally date.
Jules: That's a lot of if's.
Ellie: Yeah, not enough.

Jules: It it so much harder to be a single woman.
Laurie: So much harder, do you read Kathy?