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Jules and Jeff (Scott Foley) go on a double date with Ellie and Andy, and after a few drinks, Andy asks if the two are exclusive.  After seeing some random girls at the bar hitting on Jeff, Jules decides to make it official.  While making dinner for him, Jules ends up snapping at Jeff for being 11 minutes late. Soon the two realize they're too comfortable with each other.  While Jeff is okay with their relationship being so real, Jules wants something in the puppy love stage.  That's when Jules realizes her and Jeff are in different points in their life.  She still wants to be independent, he wants to settle down.  The break up. :(

Meanwhile, Laurie's new boy, Smith, is about to head to law school so he doesn't want to sleep with Laurie so he has a chance when he gets back.  Laurie takes insult to his leaving and wants to have revenge sex on him.  Grayson tries to talk Laurie out of it and sends Travis to stop her at the party she's at.  At the end, Laurie comes to thank Grayson and they end up hooking up with Andy witnessing.

Speaking of Andy, he finally reveals his secret to Jules about Bobby and Grayson liking Jules.  Duh, Ellie already knew.  He also bought Ellie fresh made donuts in exchange for sex.  That's about it.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Bobby: The paint can game is the greatest thing I've ever created in my life.
Travis: And thank you dad.

Jeff: The stay at home and drink date? Always dangerous. Alcohol makes it hard for you to filter yourself.
Jules: You'd make a pretty girl.
Jeff: And we're off.
Jules: Seriously, I have a skirt that's a little too big for me and God knows you have the legs. All we have to do is shave you down and then tuck some stuff back.
Jeff: No tucking.