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When Jules sees what a horrible influence all of Bobby's friends are on Travis, she tries to encourage her paper buddy, Grayson, to becomes friends with her ex-husband.  She arranges a little golf outting between the two.  Bobby, who holds the course record, teachs Grayson a thing or two on the course and soon Grayson ends up beating him and setting a new course record, crushing the one thing Bobby has for his self esteem.  At the end it looks like Grayson might actually befriend him when he tells him he enjoyed spending time with him and gives him a pep talk.

Meanwhile, Jules is struggling to not be embarassed of her younger boyfriend, Josh, in public and doing a little PDA.  She has to first train Josh how to kiss better and uses apples to do so.  Weirdo does plant one on him in front of Ellie in the end.

In order to give Jules more time with apples and Josh, Laurie attempts to step it up at work by taking care of showings and clients herself.  She does manage to ditch to go to a party, BUT in her defense, she had like most of the house set up already.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Travis: Hey mom look what Donny drew. He mostly draws snakes doing horrible things to women, though this one looks consensual
Jules: She does't look happy, Travis

Ellie: If you don't stop with the hazelnut, I'm gonna make my own coffee
Jules: No you won't
Elie: You're right, even saying it was too much work