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Four months after Scott's death, the "Council of Dads" tries to figure out how they're going to divide their duties. 

Robin refuses to come to the council meetings. Luly recieves a gift from her birth mom.

JJ catches Charlotte looking at a DNA thread website. Charlotte found her third cousin and is considering meeting her.

Robin asks Oliver if he could act as the dad in JJ's school's father-son bike ride. He gets flustered and declines.

Oliver gives a presentation on Scott's medical history to the hospital. He's struggling with the guilt he feels from being Scott's doctor.

Luly questions whether or not she wants to move to New York with Evan.

Anthony bails on another council duty. 

Larry helps Theo study for the PSATs. Larry contacted his guidance counselor, which upsets Theo.

Oliver tells his husband that it was determined that he had done everything right in Scott's case.

Robin tells Larry that he cannot talk to Theo's teachers without her permission. 

Robin "fires" the council and says she will raise her kids on her own.

Luly meets with her birth mom, Michelle. 

Oliver tells Robin that he can't ride a bike and he feels bad for failing her again.

Tess and Charlotte skip school and take a bus to Atlanta to meet Charlotte's cousin, Phoebe. 

Robin tells Oliver that he needs to stop beating himself up over Scott's death.

Larry teaches JJ to ride a bike. He tells Theo how he didn't fight for his family before, and now one of his kids won't even speak to him.

He refuses to be fired from the council.

Tess and Charlotte show up at Anthony's restaurant. Even though he has a big food critic coming, he insists on driving them home.

Luly changes her mind about moving to New York. She wants to write the story of her past year, and the story's here. She fights with Evan.

Charlotte explains that she wanted to meet her cousin so she could have a back-up plan in case something happens to Robin.

Robin tells Charlotte that if anything were to happen to her, the council is her back-up plan.

Luly and Evan announce that they're not moving to New York.

Michelle tells Anthony that Luly has his eyes. It's revealed that Michelle and Anthony slept together one night, and Luly is probably his child instead of Scott's. He doesn't want her to know.

Oliver learns how to ride a bike. 

Council of Dads
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Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Theo: You're not my dad, you know?
Larry: I know.
Theo: Good.

Anthony: Are you always this bossy?
Larry: Well, I'm a Virgo.