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Angel Eyes is restless in his room and takes to the streets. A group of girls asks him to take their picture on their phone. He doesn't even know what it is.

When he returns, Lotte is waiting for him. What if he had been seen? He just wanted to see what it was like. It was filthy, he says. They all deserve to die.

Shaw was going to shoot Angel Eyes, but he ended up in the Black Room for three months instead.

Howard is rummaging through OHoward's closet. In it is a broken compass from Emily for the 1993 birthday.

OHoward is reading through the files that were in Emily's bag.

Quayle is listening to a complaint from Howard's new payroll manager.

Shaw follows Howard to a coffee joint and plays bad guy. He wants to know what Howard and OEmily had been up to.

Anna wants to know from her mum if her dad has been acting strange lately. She shares the conversation she had with Howard and how nice it felt. OEmily tries to keep her from getting her hopes up.

Clare is watching the news in which a young woman was spotted fleeing the scene of a murder. Baldwin is at Nadia's funeral, where the photo looks ridiculously like Baldwin instead of Nadia, who had long hair.

Finally, her first love gets up to say something about her. So few people knew her, and Nadia was very quiet. Hardly anybody knew her because she was unknowable as all interesting people are.

Nadia approaches Clare in the grocery store. She wants half her money for finishing the job. After all, Clare tried to kill her.

Baldwin visits the coffee shop with the cute waitress again, pays her back and gets an address of an all-day party.

Aldrich visits the lover of one of his dead colleagues.

Heinrich's wife calls OHoward. Upon his arrival he sees Heinrich dead in the back of the deli with his fingertips chopped off.

OEmily decides to take some time off of work to get her life back together.

Shaw is browbeating Howard and Howard fights back.

Shaw was there when everyone in OEmily's life had given up on her, she had bottomed out in detox. He sat by her side every night reading to her.

After OEmily storms in and stops the lie exam, they all take off for the address in Pottsdam.

Baldwin and the waitress get it on back at her place after meeting up at the party club.

Heinrich's wife doesn't understand what's happening, why they removed his fingers and his teeth. She thinks they worked for Russia or the United States.

OHoward knows now that whoever is getting information on Quayle's floor is getting it from him. After speaking with Walter, he's finally figured out who the mole is. Quayle was killed by the other side and replaced.

Except at home, Quayle is noticing for the first time his paperwork is amiss. His wife is singing to their daughter in the other room. It's Clare.

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Counterpart Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I'll tell you what I'm looking for. How about a damn good explanation why I'm professionally obligated to tell you anything other than fuck off?


You know it's my birthday today? I'm supposed to be hosting a dinner party tonight; friends, colleagues. Who knows? I could be inviting this mole into my house.