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A dream sequence shows Peter awake and he kisses Annie. In reality, he is still sedated. Annie wants to bring who ever was behind the Chicago attack to justice.

After speaking with Arthur she returns to the hospital and the nurse agrees to keep her updates on peter's health. 

In Istanbul Annie, recruits Eyal to help her, as she tries to find Belenko. She comes across his comrades. She takes the one who was setting up the deal hostage, but before she can get any answers, Eyal appears and shoots him dead. 

Annie then meets Belenko who requires her to go unarmed and leave Eyal. After meeting them she gets more questions than answers. She wants to know what is in the bags. As she is leaving, Eyal appears and they take some of the guards out and go on a pursuit of the car with the bags, but after Annie is almost shot by the driver, she realizes the bags have been taken out of the car.

Tony calls Auggie, drunk. The next time we see Auggie, he is at the hospital as Tony has apparently died of drinking. Auggie doesn't believe this and demands to see the medical examiner. 

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Really, you got all that by screwing me?


Go on, take a shower. Don't want your wife wondering where you've been.