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Rebecca wants a break from talking about her feelings so she decides to check out a food place a little farther away. No one can go except Darryl who Rebecca is worried about because he wants to talk about his feelings. He tries not to bring it up but can't, and Rebecca gets angry with him.

Darryl calls out Rebecca for making it seem like she doesn't like him most of the time, something he doesn't dwell on but that hurts her feelings. They reconcile and almost kiss, only to make it clear that it was a weird moment. It does make Rebecca notice that she can find good guys attractive, giving her hope with dating. 

Paula and Josh go on a road trip too, with him helping her pick up a desk. She is annoyed with him at first, but then when she keeps stalling going back he mentions how she is afraid to fail. This caused her to stall on her studying which won't help her. This makes Paula respect Josh more, and tell him to move out of Hector's house so he could be independent. 

Heather and Nathaniel end up on a road trip where they fight amongst themselves. Heather is annoyed by him and brings up a weird envelope he is clutching. She finds out that it is the ashes of his babysitter, the only person out of two that he loved and that loved him back. This moment brings Heather and Nathaniel closer.

This also makes Nathaniel realize that he should be kinder, starting with Burt who just wants to have a bond with him. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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