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Rebecca thinks she is doing well in her life until Heather and Valencia tell her that they are both moving. Valencia is going to NY and Heather is moving closer to the beach. This freaks out Rebecca because she didn't expect to be this far behind in some ways.

She decides to befriend people on the same level as her, Maya and AJ. This turns into her inviting them and their friends to a going away party at her house, which spins out of control. After talking with everyone, Rebecca comes to terms with the change going on and realizes that doesn't mean she will lose Heather or Valencia.

Meanwhile, Paula is bonding with Brendan and growing closer with him. He reveals that he applied for a Peace Corpe type organization and will be leaving for the next five to ten years. Paula schemes to keep him around by bringing back his ex-girlfriend, which doesn't work when he figures it out and plays a prank on her.  

Paula accepts that she raised a good son and that he needs to move on to be even better.

White Josh and Darryl are hanging out as usual. They get called out by their friends about how they need to get back together already. They ignore that because they are happy being friends.

But then White Josh goes on a date with a guy and isn't interested in sharing all the details about his life. He goes back to Darryl to hang out, who points out that he is hanging out in a place where he feels comfortable which prevents him from liking new people. White Josh realizes that and goes on another date with that guy. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Heather: I have news.
Rebecca: Is it that you’re getting us a new vibrator? Because the old one is on its last legs.
Heather: You don’t still use my vibrator.
Rebecca: No I don’t.

Brendan doesn’t sell drugs anymore which is kind of a bummer because he was my weed guy.