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Hotch places Garcia under BAU protective custody, because of the four hit men that are threatening to kill her.

The BAU are called to Phoenix to investigate the kidnapping and murder of Steven Jackson whose body was found five days ago. Since then, another man has been abducted, Lance Coleman.

Morgan reveals the fact that Jackson had been tortured prior to his death, and that he'd had burns and cuts all over his body. The medical examiner noted that he had small cuts in his eyelids, consistent with them being stapled open. His death was attributed to a heart attack, likely brought on by electrical shock.

The unsub slaps Lance Coleman's face, demanding he open his eyes and tell him where "she" is. Coleman has no idea who he's talking about. The unsub staples his eyes open.

JJ theorizes that the unsub abducting his victims off the road. A flashback to Coleman's abduction proves the point: the unsub flags him down on the road, pretending that his car broke down and he needs a ride.

The unsub shoots and kills Coleman.

Police and the FBI discovers Coleman's body.

The unsub jumps into a tow truck - his method for bringing his victims' car back to the scrapyard where he lives.

The BAU believes the unsub is suffering from some kind of PTSD.

As he waits in his truck in a rest area, the unsub recalls watching his daughter at a dance recital.

He watches as his next victim gets into his car and drives off. He starts his truck and takes off after him, eventually capturing him.

He takes his victim back to his scrap yard and asks him where his tattoo is. The man says he never had one. The unsub begins his shock torture on the man.

JJ realizes the unsub is keeping his victims awake by administering massive amounts of caffeine to them. He's making them suffer sleep deprivation, plus he's enhancing their sensitivity to pain.

The BAU receive word of the name of the unsub's now current victim: David Whitfield.

Garcia feeds information into her computer about incidents involving sleep deprivation. She uncovers a report about the loss of the unsub's child, Tatiana Taylor.

The unsub, now identified as William Taylor, had been driving home from his daughter's recital after working a double shift. He had pulled over at a rest stop intending to sleep for a few minutes. When he woke up hours later, his daughter was missing.

Garcia reads the report. Moments after Taylor had fallen asleep, a man with a skull tattoo on his hand had knocked on his truck window, to tell him that his tail light was out.

Whitfield escapes his captor by wrapping a chain around his throat. He then runs out the door into the scrap yard, gets into a car and looks for the keys.

Taylor smashes his window and pulls him out of the car, demanding he tell him where his daughter is. Whitfield says he doesn't know and lashes out at his legs. He runs again.

JJ and Lewis rushes to Taylor's place. Hotch calls to tell them that the police found Tatiana's body.

Whitfield gets to the fence and begins to climb. Taylor drives his tow truck right at him but stops just before hitting him.

JJ and Lewis arrive, jump out of their car and points their guns at Taylor. JJ begins talking with him, helping him remember that he was there when Tatiana's body was found by the search party a week ago.

He persists in his delusion and says she's still alive and he's going to find her. He puts his truck in reverse and begins to drive back toward Lewis. Lewis and JJ both shoot, killing him.

A car pulls off at a rest stop in the rain. The driver and her daughter are in the car. A man comes up to her window. He tells her his tail light is out. The man has a skull tattoo on his hand.

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Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 8 Quotes

Morgan: Hey, did you want a cup?
JJ: Mm.
Morgan: Oh right, right. The whole...uh...yeah.
JJ: Yeah. I'm still nursing. Ah it's okay. Only 45 days, 3 hours and 6 minutes left. But who's counting?

Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion of death - Coco Chanel