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Three young girls - Gina Bryant, Sheila Woods and Violet (whose real name is Amelia Hawthorne) - are held captive in the basement of a pedophile's home. Sheila is deathly ill, so Gina decides to escape and run to safety. Violet tries but fails to stop her.

The pedophile arrives home and, seeing that Gina has escaped, decides to flee with Violet. He decides to leave the Sheila there, as she would slow their escape.

The police rescue Sheila and take both girls to the hospital for treatment.

Garcia notes that the house the girls were in was owned by an older woman named Clara Wiggins, who hasn't been seen in twenty years. The pedophile, who goes by the name Tom, has been representing himself as her grandson.

The doctor treating Sheila tells Hotch and JJ that she had complications as a result of a miscarriage. Her infection turned septic, and they had to perform an emergency hysterectomy. He tells them she had scars on her back, which indicated she'd been whipped.

He tells them that Gina is doing okay physically. She is malnourished and dehydrated . She has whip mark scars on her back as well. She also has cuts and bruises. She has old injuries that didn't heal properly, such as broken ribs and tibia, as well as badly healed broken fingers.

Rossi and Morgan walk around the pedophile's house, making note of the torture equipment and blood stains.

Gina tells JJ and Reid about the day she was kidnapped. She said Violet was there in the playground with her, telling her that she was waiting for her dad to pick her up. Tom then arrived with a puppy, asking her if she would give him treats. He told her the treats were in his car.

Tom had taken her to the van, opened the door, and shoved her in while hitting her. He threatened her and told her she'd better listen or he would hit her again. She never saw the puppy again.

Gina tells them about trips Tom would take with Violet, to something he called "the disappearing place." She told them the place was a secret, and that Tom would be angry if Violet ever spoke about it.

She says she never saw Clara (the owner of the home), but sometimes when she was "good", Tom would take her outside and let her plant flowers. He had told her they were for Clara.

JJ and Reid realize Clara is dead and buried in the yard.

Sheila dies, as a result of her infection.

Tom pulls the van over so he can get some sleep. The BAU and police arrive and arrest him.

Tom flees the van but Morgan chases him down and leaps on him, breaking Tom's arm in the process.

Violet is taken to the hospital. She refuses treatment and continually asks when her "daddy" and her can leave.

JJ realizes the reason Violet is so anxiously to leave is that she has a child she wants to see.

Turns out Violet has two children. They are locked in another house, with no food and very little water left.

JJ works to win Violet's trust. She shows her a picture of a little girl with her parents. Violet as a young girl. She says the girl in the picture is someone named Amelia Hawthorne. She's with her parents George and Maureen. JJ tells her the little girl is her.

JJ asks her if Tom ever got her pregnant, and whether she had a child. Violet tells her that had two babies (who she refers to as "sisters"), and that their names are Lily and Jasmine. She says they're in "the disappearing place" but doesn't know where that is. She tells JJ her daddy knows where it is.

Jasmine and Lily drink the last of their water.

JJ brings Violet/Amelia's parents in and introduces her to them. She doesn't recognize them. Her father calls her "Millie" (short for Amelia). Amelia gets confused and upset and screams for them to leave.

Hotch makes a deal with Tom to tell them where the two missing girls are. The deal is for easy time at a minimum security prison. He also agrees to let him see Amelia.

Hotch and Rossi take Tom to see Amelia.

Amelia asks Tom if he bought groceries yet. He tells her they won't be going there ever again. She gets upset and says the grocery store is so near the disappearing place and they can be there fast. He tells her he can't go there, because the police won't let him.

Tom says they want to break apart their family. He tells her he just wanted to come in and say goodbye before they take him away. He hugs her.

JJ brings Amelia's real parents into the room. Amelia suddenly realizes Tom has lied to her, and that he's not her real father. She attacks Tom. JJ and Rossi pull her off.

Tom yells that the deal is off. He won't tell them where the two girls are.

Using the clue about the grocery store being near "the disappearing place", and the fact that Tom has elderly clients, Garcia is able to figure out where the house is, where the girls are captive.

JJ and Morgan break in and find the two girls. Lily is awake but she can't wake Jasmine up. Morgan calls for an ambulance.

JJ unites Lily with her mother Amelia.

Garcia and Hotch escort Tom down the hall of the hospital. A shot rings out and Tom falls to the ground, dead.

Sheila's mother puts the gun down on the ground and raises her hands. Hotch arrests her.

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Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 14 Quotes

Hotch: Stand up. We found them both, alive.
Rossi: Too bad you took that deal off the table. You'd be on your way to Club Fed right about now. Yeah, but don't you worry. You're going to make a lot of friends. They're going to love you out in the yard.

Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice - Samuel Johnson.