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A son visits his mother in a facility. He has just recently been reunited with her. They discuss nightmares he's been having.

He tells her about picking up a homeless man who he picked up when he was out for a drive.

Later, we see that homeless man murdered and tied to a rest room stall.

The BAU are called to investigate a series of stabbing deaths where the victims are all left at truck stops. Each of them has one of their ears removed.

The Unsub has left bodies across state lines. This leads the BAU to suspect the murderer is a truck driver.

Hotch realizes that the Unsub is deliberately leaving the bodies at open truck stops because he wants them to be found.

The Unsub tells his mother that he has proposed to his girlfriend and she accepted. He wonders if his biological father could be at the wedding. His mother nixes the idea.

The Unsub sits outside of a home for sale. It's an open house. He waits until the last viewers have left, then approaches the sales agent. He convinces her to let him take a quick look at the home. He ties herto a toilet at a truck stop and murders her there.

He uses his cell phone to take pictures of her dead body.

The BAU concludes that the Unsub has a partner.

Garcia discovers that the murder victims were connected. The team realizes the Unsub is working off a kill list.

The Unsub's mother tells the Unsub that his fiancé is no good, and that she's jealous. She tells him that Chloe (his fiancé) is not the woman for him.

The team delivers the Unsub's profile. They tell police he was likely removed from his family for his own safety, and that he's targeting those he feels broke up his family and marking them for death.

The Unsub's fiancé confronts him about not taking his pills. He tells her he hasn't been taking them for months. They argue. He grabs her by the throat and says he's starting to think his mother was right about her.

The team discovers that the dead real estate agent used to be a school teacher. They surmise that the Unsub was likely one of her students, and that she had noticed he was abused. She was likely responsible for calling in authorities and having him removed from his home.

They realize the Unsub probably was too young to remember any names, and that the kill list was supplied by someone else connected to his childhood trauma. They realize his mother probably has been leading him to do the murders.

Garcia figures out that the Unsub is Randy Jacobs. She tells the team his mother Flora Martin was raped by a truck driver, resulting in pregnancy and the birth of Randy nine months later.

Garcia further reveals that Flora was tried for killing six truck drivers, found not guilty by reason of insanity, and was remanded to an asylum for the criminally insane.

Randy visits his mother and shows her the pictures of his work on the dead realtor. She praises him.

He tells her she was right about Chloe, and that he believes Chloe wants to tear them apart. Flora tells him he has to free himself by killing her.

The team believes Flora is the mastermind, and that she's targeting everyone responsible for taking her son away from her.

Chloe is talking with her someone while she packs in an attempt to get away from Randy. She hears his car door slam. She puts her things in the trunk of her car.

Randy comes up behind her, garrotes her and shoves her in the trunk.

Lewis and Morgan confront Flora and tell her that they believe she's behind the killings her son has been carrying out.

Rossi and Reid burst into Randy's home, only to discover he's not there. They see signs of a struggle.

Lewis has a one-on-one chat with Flora. Flora relives her rape, when the truck driver tied her up in a rest room.

Lewis asks her why she stopped killing trucks drivers. Flora tells her it was time to give up. Lewis disagrees, and suggests that she stopped because she finally found the truck driver who raped her. That's when she was found in a barn. Lewis tells her she believes Randy's father is out at that barn.

Randy drives to the barn. He opens the trunk. Chloe kicks him and escapes to the barn and bars the door.

Police and the BAU arrive at the barn. Morgan, Reid and Lewis rush into the barn just as Randy grabs Chloe and puts a knife to her throat.

Lewis and Morgan reason with Randy, explaining that his mother has been manipulating him since he was a child.

Randy has a flashback where as a child he took a knife and killed his father, while his mother watched.

Randy releases Chloe and is arrested.

In the prison for the mentally ill, Flora pulls her hair back. Her left ear is missing.

In the other prison, where Randy is held, a guard is startled when he discovers that Randy has severed his left ear.

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Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 13 Quotes

You know what I think? I think you know exactly what your son's been up to, and you're absolutely thrilled that he picked up where you left off.


The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation - James E. Faust