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Rossi got attacked in the course of an investigation and he's still dealing with it. David tells Krystall about the case in Nashville. The unsub had removed the face of Monica Feinstein, then set her house on fire. Monica's son pointed to the man she had been seeing, Paul McEntyre, who had just proposed to her. But Paul doesn't seem to exist. He was a con man draining Monica's money while they were dating. Paul left the state and taken a new identity, with a different mark. The BAU finds a similar victim in Clarissa Carney. Her children said the man didn't get into her money. In fact, their mother left them a seven-figure inheritance. Krystall correctly concluded the unsub felt like he had no identity, no face. The team interviews the children of the victims, and the unsub told them all the same hometown, Aberdeen, Miss., and that his daughter Grace had drowned. The BAU was closing in on him. But one victim, Mary Cullen, made the mistake of proposing to him. He smashed a vase over her head. Simmons and Alves went to Aberdeen to go through paper records. They discovered Roberta Lynch, a con woman who married multiple men. The unsub is her son Everett. Simmons and Alvez go to interview her in prison. Roberta had taught Everett she knew about doing cons. They tell her he's killing his marks. When they mention the drowning of her granddaughter, Roberta clams up. Everett is following the pattern of Roberta's cons. Roberta calls her lawyer to have him warn Everett that the FBI is on to him. Everett left behind the faces of all the women he'd killed. Mary's daughter was actually Grace. She stabs Alvez while Everett fires on the rest of the team. He then strangles Rossi and gets away. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 13 Quotes

Reid: It's right there. I didn't see it.
Rossi: None of us did.

Krystall: How are you feeling?
Rossi: I don't know what I'm feeling.