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Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4 Review: Saturday

Criminal Minds Review: Saturday

Our review of Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4 reveals the varied things that the members of the BAU end up doing on a normal Saturday off.
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Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 8 Review: Ashley

Criminal Minds Review: Ashley

On Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 8, Rossi's plans to elevate his relationship with Krystall don't go as planned and the BAU investigates a double homicide.
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Criminal Minds Quotes

Hotch: A sniper can wait up to 72 hours without sleeping.
Mays: Seriously?
Rossi: That's part of their training. They can stay awake for 72 hours and remain completely focused on their target.
Mays: How?
Hotch: By using a mental exercise called "fantasy integration". A sniper creates a scenarios involving a target that keeps that person at the forefront of their mind.
Morgan: Often they'll imagine a place where they're with the target, doing something together that takes time. For example, building a car.
JJ: For some, the fantasy begins the minute they're assigned a target. Then nothing will distract them.

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