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Cristela is a sixth year law student, living in Dallas with her sister Daniela, brother in law Felix, their two children and her mother Natalia. Daniela and Felix are hoping Cristela will get a paying job soon and be able to afford her own place. But Cristela hopes to get an internship at a big time law firm, hoping that this will eventually lead to a job offer. 

At the interview, Cristela meets fellow candidates Josh and Maddie. Maddie is boss Trent's daughter and she mistakes Cristela for both a cleaning lady and a receptionist. 

During the interview, Cristela insults a friend of Trent's and she assumes that she will not get the job. 

After talking to Daniela, she agrees to take a job at her sisters call center. But Cristela is shocked to learn she got the internship and she doesn't show for her interview with Daniela. She does, however, pose as a lawyer and threaten an acquaintance of Felix that owes him money for work Felix has done

Once the family sees that Cristela could make a great lawyer some day, they give Cristela their blessing as she looks to follow her dreams. 

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Cristela Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Felix: If you were my wife, I would put poison in your coffee.
Cristela: If you were my husband, I'd drink it.

Cristela says cheerleaders are bimbos.