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Deputy Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Deputy Down

Deputy Review: Deputy Down

Our review of Deputy Season 1 Episode 3 details the drama in the aftermath of Luna's shooting and pokes at the way the series is tackling social issues.
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Deputy Season 1 Episode 2 Review: 10-8 Outlaws

Deputy Review: 10-8 Outlaws

Our review of Deputy Season 1 Episode 2 details Bill's growing pains as he yearns for the action of cuffing bad guys while suffocating in meetings on the tenth floor.
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This is like that Brady Bunch episodes. Do remember? When they make Greg the rock star because he fits the suit? Well, I'm Johnny Bravo. And it didn't end well.


I'm a lawman. Never took a dime. Never put my hands on somebody unless I had to. Never pulled the trigger when there was another way. You want to hunt gangsters? Human traffickers? Well, I'm your huckleberry. But you're asking me to drag families from their homes so you can eat from the federal trough. When'd you lose your way, Jerry?