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A guy is working with a computer in a bathroom stall transferring information. He puts the sim card in a coin and goes through security. He leaves the National Security Agency.

Kirkman is watching Hookstraten on TV giving interviews about Kirkman.

There was a security breach. Wikileaks is claiming Richmond's cabinet was corrupt.

Internal affairs are investigating Atwood's office. The director approaches Hannah.He wants to know if she knows anything.

Emily tells Aaron and Seth that the guy drops stuff on Wikileaks about Richmond and his cabinet. All kinds of information except for information on Kirkman. Aaron wants to know if there's anything Kirkman is hiding.

He says he doesn't have anything. Kirkman wants him to find the Thompson guy as a matter of national security.

Hannah talks to the guy who's helping give her information. She tells him everything. She's trying to figure out what 11:14 p.m. The guy's name is Chuck. He knows that helping her is wrong, but he'll help her anyway.

Hookstraten is gearing up for MacLeish's appointment confirmation hearing.

Chuck is still going through all sorts of papers and figures out the number is not a time, but a date.

Emily and Seth are watching MacLeish on TV. Aaron comes in and shows them a WikiLeak of Emily making disparaging comments about Senator Hazleton who is one of the most powerful senators right now. He wants Kirkman to fire Emily. Emily apologizes to him, but Hazleton isn't convinced. He still wants her fired.

MacLeish is still being questioned.Hannah is watching when Chuck gives her some more information. They found the remaining members of MacLeish's team. She wants Chuck to question.

The head of the IA is questioning Jason in jail. Kirkman is watching the video. Aaron has information about Thompson. He's on foreign soil at the Venezuelan embassy. They can't touch him.

Kirkman tries to talk to the Venezuelan president, but it's a no go.  MacLeish's hearing is still going on. They want to know about the events of November 14, 2011. At the same time, Hannah and Chuck are asking survivors the same thing. He's being described as a hero.

Emily is in Aaron's office to talk about the president not accepting her resignation. Aaron and Emily have a moment. Seth walks in on it.

Hannah meets witth the final Ranger, but he's deceased, so she talks to the wife. She looks through a footlocker.

Aaron visits Thompson at the Venezuelan Embassy. He figures out that Thompson wants to meet with the President for five minutes.

Hannah comes across a photo of MacLeish and some guy who served together. The head of IA is coming after Chuck. He warns her about it and encourages her to continue her fight.

Aaron tells the President about Thompson's desire to meet with him. Plus, he's given Aaron information that will clear Emily's name.

Hannah calls Hookstraten with information and asks her to delay the MacLeish hearings. She needs time. Hookstraten is giddy about it.

Senator Hazleton meets with Kirkman. Kirkman gives him information about himself. Everything Emily said was true. Kirkman wants him to retire or he'll release the documents.

Hannah meets with her CIA friend. The guy in the photo is the CIA's most wanted mercenary. The CIA guy has a file and he shows it to Hannah. There's a document showing that MacLeish is a war criminal.

Alex shows up to talk to Kirkman. They talk about Thompson. Kirkman agrees to meet with the guy and he's brought in. He tells him about the coin with the hard drive in it. Kirkman doesn't understand why he's been given the hard drive.

Kirkman hands it over to Mike to investigate. Aaron tells Kirkman Hookstraten delayed MacLeish's hearing. He talks to MacLeish about it. He wants to know if there's anything Peter should be telling him. Peter denies, but then before he leaves he plants a seed in Kirkman's head about Hannah....that she seems a little "obsessed" with him.

Hannah calls Hookstraten. She has the information she needs. Hannah is shooting up Constitution Avenue to get to the hearing. Emily visits Aaron. He asks her out to dinner.

Mike finds the file Thompson told him about. It's a blueprint of the capitol bombing. 

Hannah gets into a car accident.







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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Mr. President, do you have anything to hide?


Certainly survival shouldn't be the only qualification for leading our country, should it?