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Edie finally receives the article about Mike being the killer of Dave's family.

Dave, Mike and Kathy are on their trip. Dave has a plan to shoot Kathy when she and Mike go hiking, he tells them he can't join them because he has pain in his knee. While Mike and Kathy are hiking, Dave is about to shoot Kathy when he unexpectedly gets a text from Edie saying that she knows everything and for him to come home now, and he accidently shoots the tree next to Kathy. Dave goes back home to Edie and she confronts him about everything. She tells him the only reason he wanted to marry her was for a cover story and he only wanted to live on Wisteria Lane to be close to Mike and to hurt him. He tells her he loves her but he had to find a way to punish Mike because he was never convicted. Edie tried to call Mike to warn him, but Dave strangled her and almost killed her. Edie runs out and frantically drives away.

Carl, Susan's ex-husband enrolled his son, Evan, in Susan's school. Susan asks to meet with Carl about Evan's paintings, he paints pictures of a people dying and a woman getting killed, and she is worried about him. Carl says the woman in the picture was Evan's mom, who left them 6 weeks ago.

Lucy makes all these new rules about everyone having to work late and extra days. Carlos works too much and he and Gabby haven't had sex in 2 weeks.
Gabby tried to seduce Carlos but he says he is too tired but she doesn't care. Carlos ties her to the bed and pretends he is being kinky but instead leaves her there so that he can sleep. Gabby visits Carlos at the office and tells him that they are falling into old habits with their lives and she doesn't want them to make the same mistakes again. Lucy screams at Carlos' kids for touching her figurines and Carlos tells her she is fired. He doesn't want the company run the way she has been running it.

Brie and Orsen are at the psychologist and he admitted that he steals to hurt her. He says he feels like he is second to her job and something needs to change or else he will disappear altogether. Brie agrees to sell her company to make Orsen happy. The buyer comes to meet with her but now she is having second thoughts. She asks Orsen to wait a year for her to sell it but he wont. Regardless, Brie tells the buyer she is not selling. Orsen tells Brie he might start stealing again because of this, but she doesn't care. Orsen leaves in the middle of the night to steal, but the person was home and bashed him on the head.

Orsen runs out of her house and onto the middle of the street and Edie nearly hits him, but swerves out of the way and crashes into a telephone pole and gets electrocuted.

Desperate Housewives
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