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This week’s episode “Epiphany” shed’s some light on the Wisteria Lane strangler who was revealed in last week’s episode.  We get a look into Eddie’s troubled past, learning that his father walked out on him and his mother.  His mother, turns to the bottle, and ignores little Eddie, blaming him for ruining her life. 

The housewives come in as we get a flashback of how they all met “harmless” little Eddie, starting with the return of Mary Alice, who first met Eddie when he was very only 4 years old. Mary Alice witnesses Eddie’s father walking out on them, and comes to the rescue to try to help his mother, Barbara cope with the situation.  She then learns that her efforts are not working, as she finds out one day that Barbara has left Eddie alone at home to spend the evening at the bar picking up a man.

Gaby meets young Eddie the day she moves to Wisteria Lane, finding him hiding in her empty home as she awaits the movers with all of her belongings.  She befriends Eddie, and they spend their days hanging out, until Eddie interrupts an afternoon “bath” that she and Carlos are having.  Upon Carlos’ recommendation that Gaby make some friends her own age, she ends her friendship with Eddie.

Bree, who hires the awkward young teenage Eddie to help paint her house, gives Eddie some advice on how to “woo” girls.  Come to find out, his eye is on her daughter Danielle, who is out of his league.  Bree goes to Eddie’s mom to help let Eddie down softly, and Barbara laughs in Eddie’s face, mocking him over the situation.  Desperate to find a woman who will say yes to him, Eddie picks up a prostitute, who he later kills. 

Susan reaches out to Eddie to help mentor him as an artist.  Eddie takes a liking to recently single Susan, only to find out later that she is re-marrying Mike.  In his despair over losing Susan to her ex-husband, he approaches her home on their wedding night to attack Susan – only to find out that it is actually Julie that he has tried to strangle.

Lynette steps in to help poor Eddie, and plays a mothering role to him, including him in her family.  Knowing that his mother is verbally abusive and an alcoholic, Lynette visits him at his home to ask if he would like to move in with them.  Unbeknown to her, she arrives just after Eddie strangled his own mother after confronting him about his involvement with the young girls who have been killed in Fairview.

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Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

You mean the woman whose parents named her after cheese? I like my robots to be more life-like.

Gaby [on Bree]

Really, does it look like I eat cake?