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The season finale aired this week, with the last episode being appropriately titled “I Guess this is Goodbye”.

The episode opens with a nurse from Fairview hospital, now on her deathbed, confessing to doing something horrible years ago.  She wants to confess the awful thing she did so that the people she did it to will know the truth…

Susan and Mike say goodbye to their precious belongings and the home Susan has raised her children in after having a garage sale to try to make some money for their new life ahead.  Susan seems to be handling the change well, until she breaks down, blaming Mike for their situation.  She is having a hard time leaving her home, and all of the memories of years gone by.   

Bree and Sam part ways after Bree begrudgingly signs over her company to him to avoid Sam turning Andrew in for accidentally killing Carlos’ mother 10 years ago.

Afterwards, Bree is relived Sam is out of the picture, but is surprised when Orsen confronts her about the situation and her decision.  He had hoped that Bree would take the high road, and do the right thing – that is, turn Andrew in for accidentally killing Carlos’ mother.  Afterall, Bree did make Orsen turn himself in for running over Mike.  Bree explains that this situation is different because it is her son, and that she didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Orsen, who disagrees, leaves Bree, explaining that she is not the woman he thought she was.  He tells her “We always have a choice, and I no longer choose to be your husband."

Later, Bree realizes that Orsen may be right, and asks Andrew for permission to turn him in.

Gaby is determined to get to Nick in the hospital after learning that Angie and Danny are being held hostage by Patrick Logan.  After one failed attempt to get to Nick, she pops a piece of gum, fakes a Brooklyn accent, and tells the nurse she is his wife, Angie.  She succeeds, and tells the battered Nick what is happening. 

She then helps Nick escape from the hospital to get home to save his wife and son from the terrorist. Just as they arrive, Nick, still badly injured from being hit by Patrick’s car,  passes out in the front seat. 

Gaby is forced to make the rescue on her own, and uses Susan – who is unaware of the situation, to distract Patrick at the front door.  Meanwhile, Gaby crawls through the window to rescue Danny – while Patrick takes Angie to deploy the bomb. 

As Angie and Patrick drive away, he stops, and tells her that the bomb is in the house – and she gets out of the car to try to save her son from the explosion.  After getting away from the car where she left Patrick with the detonator, she stops and waves goodbye to him, she then whispers, “It’s in the detonater” – and just like that the car, and Patrick go up in smoke.  The family then leaves Fairview because they know that the FBI will still be looking for them.  Angie and Nick head to Atlanta, and Danny heads to New York.

Lynette is still being held hostage by Eddie, and is now in labor. He confesses that he killed other girls aside from his mother. Afraid of Lynette turning him in to the cops, he refuses to take her to the hospital.  He is forced to deliver Lynette’s baby – after she begs him and tells him it is an opportunity to save a life.  Afterwards, Eddie tries to leave and begs Lynette to not call the police right away. Lynette reminds him that he once said that his life would have been better, if she was his mother.  She tells him that she is going to be his mother now, and suggests that he turn himself in instead of living a life on the run.  At first Eddie does not listen to his “mother” and walks out the door.  He then comes back, and asks if she will call the cops for him. 

The cliffhanger this season, is that the dying nurse, Theresa Pruit, confesses that she had something to do with one of the families of Fairview taking the wrong child home from the hospital, and not knowing that it was not their own.  We’ll have to wait until next season to find out who it is…

We’ll also have to stay tuned to find out why Mary Alice’s ex husband it back on Wisteria Lane renting Susan and Mike’s home.  It looks like nothing but trouble is ahead for next season.

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