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Gabby is up to her old tricks again as she gets caught eavesdropping on Bob and Lee, as they are arguing inside of their house.  She finds out that their egg donor dropped out, and much to their despair, they feel that they are just not meant to be parents.  Gabby, determined to help, triumphantly offers up her eggs. Afterall, she has plenty. 

We are quickly reminded of the Wisteria Lane strangler, as newspaper articles are shown side by side with headlines “Local Teen Still Missing” and “Local Girl Attacked”. 

Meanwhile, a pajama clad Susan runs out of her kitchen with a frying pan as a burly man is trying to re-posses Mike’s truck.  She starts yelling “FIRE!” to attract attention and scare him away, and Lee runs over in his bathrobe with a fire extinguisher.  The burly man confronts Mike by asking if he is the guy who is 4 months behind on his car payments.  Susan offers to help pay to get him caught up, but Mike refuses her money. 

Tension is still in the air with Sam and Andrew, as Bree discusses her new cookbook with them.  Sam is supportive, and Andrew counteracts by telling Bree the Sam, the Golden Child – never got his MBA as she was led to believe.  Sam explains that he was only a few classes short when his mother fell ill, he apologizes to Bree for misrepresenting himself.  She of course believes him, and Andrew cowers away, defeated.

At the local Russian bridal shop, Lynette is helping Irena try on wedding gowns. Irena is far from pleasant. The bridal consultant whispers to Lynette that she is not only losing a son, but she is gaining a “pain in the ass”.  She offers to then get a little “sloppy with the pushpins”, clever.  Just then, Irena gets a call from an unknown Russian man on her cell phone, Lynette answers, and hands the phone to Irena.  After a brief conversation Irena says it is a wrong number.  Lynette calls her out, stating that the Russian man asked for her by name. Lucky for Lynette, the Bridal consultant offers to decode.

Over at the coffee shop, Danny who is hard at work, stops to chat with a customer who is writing a novel.  He is writing a dark story about a man who helped bring a woman up from nothing, and then she disappeared on him – with their baby.  The man is tracking her down to get his revenge.  The writer is pondering what should happen next.  Danny, clueless of who this man is, suggests he should kill the woman who left him.  Indeed, that sounds like a great idea.

Gabby and Carlos discuss her donating her eggs to Bob and Lee.  He is not on board, stating he owns 50% of her body, therefore, she cannot hand them out like “party favors” to every gay couple that walks by.  Gabby is trying to do something noble, helping them become a family.  Carlos begs to not allow Gabby to have her DNA growing up next doors, Gabby says she is going to help Bob and Lee, and walks out.

Lynette goes to Immigration with the information that the Russian bridal consultant told her determined to send her packing.  Apparently, Irena told the mystery Russian man “Call the police, you’ll never find me”.  Unfortunately for Lynette, she is not well received by the first agent she visits, so she conveniently finds another who has a family picture up in her office inclusive of a daughter in law she does not like. 

Back at Susan and Mike’s, MJ plugs up the kitchen sink to help daddy get work, Susan explains to MJ that daddy only helps other peoples clogged drains.  Susan then gets a bright idea and goes around the neighborhood clogging drains and paying neighbors to call Mike and boost his male ego.

Later, Bree and Sam discuss why Andrew tried to discredit him, Sam shows Bree the books that show that Andrew has overcharged catering clients for alcohol that was never used.  Bree is  furious that Andrew is stealing, and confronts Andrew. Andrew offers to have Bree just fire him.  She obliged.  Sam watches the scene from the balcony, and smirks as Andrew saunters off, job well done.

Lynette on cell phone with Tom, says that Irena is hiding something, and she is going to find out what it is.  Lynette starts to search her room, just as she and Preston come in to make out.  Lynette hides in the closet, and then texts Tom for a rescue.  Just as Tom arrives home, Lynette gets desperate and throws a baseball at the window to distract the happy couple, so that she can slip out of the room.

Bree and Sam discuss Andrews firing, she says it’s ok because eventually they will work it out and she will bring him back in to the company.  After all he’s her son.  Sam looks upset.

That evening, Mike arrives home from a long day at work, and hands Susan an earring that she’s been missing.  Mike found it in Gabby’s bathtub drain.  Susan tries to convince Mike it must have gotten stuck on Gabby’s shirt and then ended up in the tub.  Mike doesn’t believe her for a second, and is upset that Susan told the whole neighborhood he was in financial trouble, and off to the couch he goes.

Meanwhile, neighbor Angie comes home alone, and gets a strange feeling someone is in the house.  After walking around with a vase for protection, the phone rings, it’s Nick, and she tells him she heard a noise.  She was right, unknown to her, there is a man is lurking outside the window watching her.

Gabby, Bob and Lee discuss the sex of the baby that will become of Gabby’s eggs.  Bob and Lee quickly realize, that Gabby is thinking of this as her child, and not just a donation.  They then break it to her that they are going to move to up state New York to be closer to their family.  Gabby is shocked that they would leave with her child….newsflash, Bob and Lee don’t consider this child to be Gabby’s regardless of if it has her genes. 

Bree’s saga continues as her cookbook dinner gets sabotaged.  Sam points the finger to disgruntled Andrew.  Bree desperate to not lose her cookbook career, lights a torch to trigger the fire sprinkler just in the nick of time.  Back home, Bree discusses the evening’s events with Orsen, who sees things a bit differently.  He doesn’t think Andrew had anything to do with is, and names Sam as the culprit.

Mike’s financial situation is worse than we thought, as he ponders how to tell Susan he is not only behind in a few truck payments, but he’s dead broke.  Lucky for Mike, good neighbor, and friend, Carlos is there with his checkbook, to help him out.

Later, Danny gets another visit at the coffee shop by the novelist.  Danny asks if the book villain killed the woman yet.  Mystery man says it seems too easy, and he thinks it would be better to take something from her.  Danny suggests that he take the child from her.  Uh oh, Danny, careful what you wish for.

Gabby feels awful about the situation with Bob and Lee and, and goes to talk to them.  Finds Bob alone on the porch, and he tells Gabby that he and Lee broke up.  Lee left because he can’t go through another let down.  Afterall, Bob is the one who wants a child, and Lee can’t take the ups and downs.  Gabby leaves, saddened by the news.

Its wedding day at the Schiavo household, Lynette is upset because Immigration never followed through with any potential wedding stopping info for her.  Just as she tells Tom, she is not going to the wedding, the immigration woman drives up.  Lynette has proof that Irena is a gold digger, and has been married before.  Lynette confronts her, and Irena gets nasty, stating that Preston will believe her no matter what, just like he always does.    Preston, standing in the doorway, hears the whole story, and calls off the wedding.  Irena heads out to walk to a motel, and is “picked up” by Prestons friend.  He suggested more than just giving her a ride in the car, and disgusted Irena refuses him.  Anger washes over him and he pulls over and strangles poor Irena.  One more teenage girl dead, and finally, the Wisteria Lane strangler revealed.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

I pay for the clothes it wears, the massages it receives, and the implants it will one day require. If I don't own it, I'm at least a major stockholder!

Carlos [on Gaby's eggs]

Try not to take too long because I miss you already.

Lynette [to Preston]