Desperate Measures - Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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Betty is waiting for friends at a fancy lunch while Dan entertains a bunch of legal types.

They're chauvinistic and chatting about pandering to their women while the women are discussing Martin's affair and how he came clean.

Meanwhile, the lawyers are giving Martin lots of advice on how to pull the wool over his Yvonne's eyes so the poor woman never sees it coming. They're even going so far as to suggest he change his social security beneficiary so she gets nothing.

Dan shares that he needs to make sure Yvonne knows definitively the date he leaves is the date their marriage is over.

When the Brodericks arrive back at home, they are on entirely different pages.

He's real hungry, and she can let him know when it's done.

We're back to magically zippy time frames going from college years to midlife to who knows what.

Meanwhile, Dan is lying to his fellow students that he types all of his own legal briefs while Betty is doing it for him, and he skips weekends with them under the guise of weekends equals family time, but family time is Betty and the kids on the floor while he studies. Or something.

Dan sells his practice because he's the only Ivy League lawyer who is also an MD.

Dan takes Betty out for dinner on a special night -- his first million-dollar settlement. When his friend drops by the table, she embarrasses him with talk of food stamps.

He's angry, but she thinks he should be proud because people will know how hard he worked to get where he is today. He doesn't want them to know him because they don't need to know him.

Dan is using contacts now, but he's having a hard time of it. He sees all the possibilities that contacts bring to him.

Betty likes revisiting the past to remind them to be grateful, but Dan is more interested in leaving their favorite restaurant behind since it's no longer exciting.

Martin is marrying his affair gal. Again, Dan and Betty are on opposite sides. She's supporting Yvonne while Dan thinks Martin deserves to be happy.

Betty supported Yvonne while her friends have to admit they're going to the wedding. This is, of course, a precursor to the way they'll treat her when she goes through the same thing.

Dan gets home late and is rushing to get to the wedding, angry that she's not ready.

Betty refuses to go and stays home calling Yvonne repeatedly to offer her support, but she doesn't get an answer.

At church, Betty stops at the board celebrating marriage, seemingly to reflect on her relationship with Dan since she later brings up changing churches with Dan under the guise that something is happening with them.

He doesn't kiss her or touch her hair or even look at her. She's scared and doesn't feel like he cares about her anymore, believing that they're speeding ahead to something terrible that they cannot escape.

Dan says that he doesn't believe in Catholocism, a group of people who built a network of fantasies because they can't deal with life the way that it is. It makes him want to roll his eyes.

Betty takes it like a stab to the heart but passive-aggressively says, "So we won't go," which makes Dan say they can go if she really wants to. He was just trying to be honest since he thinks that's a good place to start if he's gonna go to church.

FF to marriage counseling. Hopes and dreams, their answer, when they felt most loved, how they want to be seen in each other's eyes.

It seems Betty takes the project more seriously.

Dan pays lip service Betty who sobs as he reveals everything he's done in life had led to nothing and that he needs to make up for all he deprived of them. In the next scene, he's asking about Betty's charges on the credit card.

It seems that they're genuinely making a go at it by washing over their unhappiness with a climb up the financial and societal ladders.

Money Changes Everything plays over their purported happiness as they weigh clubs and she even gets a new living room set delivered.

Betty walks up on Dan talking with someone as he's saying, "at the same time, she's just so beautiful," and that sends Betty into a spiral.

When Betty asks Dan later about who he was talking about, Dan lies and says it was someone Mitch is fawning after. That person was Linda.

Betty does some recon at reception spying on Linda.

Betty drops an ultimatum at Dan's feet. Get rid of Linda or leave the house.

Leaving a store, Betty sees Yvonne and ignores her, recalling her former friend telling Betty she was so lucky.

Betty dials Dan's office number and hangs up on her.

Betty is fiddling with her wedding ring and crying at the dining room table when Dan arrives home. She's not pleased that Linda is still answering Dan's phones.

Yes, Dan knew she meant what she said.

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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Dan: Why do you have to tell Yvonne anything? She knows how this goes. Besides, why do you care what Martin does? OK? I mean, if he's such a shit, isn't Yvonne better off without him?
Betty: You know what? I don't care, but I'm not going to stand there and toast his happiness and, and condone this.

Dan: Why aren't you dressed? Didn't you speak to Evelyn? You know she's going. Everybody's going!
Betty: Is that what I should say to Yvonne? Everybody's going, so I have to, too?