It's a Sham - Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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In court, someone on the stand says he studies the impact of infidelity.

At the office, Dan and Linda are making googly eyes at each other.

We see the beginning of their relationship through work.

Betty wasn't the only person who thought Betty moving to a paralegal was crazy, and office woman, Colleen, did, as well. Dan assures Linda that being a paralegal is all about learning on the job. She can't even type!

Dan even talks with Linda about his cases, something we've never seen between him and Betty.

Going to the club with the family is now a lesson in patience as Dan looks at his watch, hoping to get away.

Linda begins getting hangup calls at the office.

All of this leads up to the end of the previous episode when Dan says Bety will be getting out.

Dan makes his move in October of 1983.

Betty's friends don't believe her when she says Dan's banging his assistant. They say that they know Dan, and Dan isn't like that. Betty says nobody is like that until they are.

Her friends so what they can to buffer her confidence, but she knows what she's talking about.

It gives Betty the comfort to ease into the lunch and enjoy the day.

Now we know why Dan asked Linda to help with the case. Betty is in the audience and looks like she's been smacked across the face.

Dan buys a red sportscar with his latest settlement. He's buttering her up so that she expects nothing, even suggesting a weekend up the coast.

Betty is getting into the hotel elevator and spots Dan on the phone. He's talking with Linda, and it's so darn flirty that Betty deserves to be angry.

So now they're fighting over dinner.

She bought an 8,000 dollar dress to make Dan angry and get back at him for talking with Linda.

Her friends tell her to fight for Dan. One gives her bad advice. Get dolled up and go to the office to surprise him.

Betty arrives at the office to find Dan left after lunch. She decides to wait for him in his office, where she spies a lot of party supplies and a half-eaten cake.

The guy on the stand says the behavior of the infidel makes the other person feel crazy and then follows it up by saying nothing's happening, and they must be crazy.


At the office, Linda is gossiping about her romantic life with Dan, and Colleen is highly annoyed.

By the time the gaslighting is over, the victim has no idea who they are or who they can trust.

Meanwhile, Dan's looking for a new house.

Betty chooses a house that they could tear down together. He even makes out with her.

Betty and Dan go to the doctor to talk about reversing her tubal ligation.

It's been 11 months now, and Linda never stops talking in the office.

The therapist says he tells his patients that the object of therapy is a better marriage or a better divorce.

Linda lays down the gauntlet after spending time with her family.

To get a better marriage or divorce, the infidel has to admit that they've been wrong and that they hurt the other person.

Dan lost his interest in Betty's reverse tubal ligation.

Dan's getting advice about California case law in that after separation, anything spent to diminish debt or lawyers fees or whatever, will be reimbursed through the combined assets.

Betty thinks everything is fine now.

The attorney tells Dan to think about how he'd want to be told.

February 28, 1985, Dan just barges into the bedroom at bedtime, grabs a suitcase from the closet and begins packing while whining about time to think.

He makes it seem as though he's going to do some introspection. Just for a while, even when Betty calls him out on going to Linda.

Dan apologizes for springing it on her. Should he leave now or in the morning?

By morning, Betty is a mess. The kids ask where dad is, and then Betty tells them that he's moved out, using them just to think garbage he told her.

Betty's friends cannot believe it. Betty plays it off like she's jealous of his time alone. They quiz her on what words he used, and he didn't use divorce or separation. After all, they're moving into the LaJolla house together.

But Dan shows up at home to the new house and begins seducing her. She willingly accepts his advances, of course.

He isn't moving his things to the new house because he's moving back into their old house, Dan says. They have a fun family trip to take back east, but he's not ready to go. They should go without him.

There are rats a the beach house, all over the place. She's screaming that he's not a college kid who leaves his family in a rat-infested house.

Betty drops the kids off at the house so she can go back east. Betty said he's been having a lot of fun lately, and he needs to remember that she's not a babysitter.

When she returns, he has sent the kids to camp and removed her name from their emergency contacts.

September 1985 finds Betty in her nighty talking to the kids about their first day.

It's been 23 months. There is a knock at the door. She has 30 days to respond. She goes to Doug for help, but he's representing Dan. He condescendingly tells her she needs to be a good soldier, or she might not get to see the kids at all.

Dan is at the house, writing her a check after going through her bills.

The therapist talks about pain building like a pressure cooker.

She arrives at the house to collect the kids and sees a maid dusting the table. There is a Boston Creme pie on the table, Dan's favorite.

Self Control plays as she smears the cake all over the bedroom.

Betty goes day by day without release, and then Dan delivers a court order to stay away from his house. She begs him to reconsider. He finally admits that she was right all along; he's in love with Linda.

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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Friend: Why are we always talking about Knots Landing?
Karen: Well, if you watched it, you would know.
Janet: Um because it's Friday?
Friend: I wish I cared about anything as much as they care about that show.

Betty: Are you sleeping with her?
Dan: Why would you even ask me that?
Betty: Are you?
Dan: If this is where your head goes if you don't get your way, that's the real problem. You should get some professional help for that.
Betty: A lawyer would say that you still haven't answered the question.
Dan: I am not sleeping with Linda Kolkena. I haven't, and I'm not.