Betty and Dan Face to Face - Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Season 1 Episode 1
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Betty is going to a lawyer's meeting to sell the house after a divorce. She refuses to go into the office.

Betty isn't pleased that Dan didn't even say anything when she didn't go into the room.

Betty is freaking out. She doesn't want to give up her house for half of what it's worth nor does she want to live in the house that needs $18k worth of repairs to live in -- a place Dan told her to buy so they could live in it together.

Betty's parents aren't pleased with the house. She gets a call from her attorney that Dan got a court injunction to sell the house without her since she's being unreasonable.

Betty goes to Dan's to pound on his door. Her daughters want her to leave so their dad doesn't get angry. She sits on her ass on the front stoop to wait for Dan who appears in under a minute.

He has a court order out against her, and he walks inside and slams the door.

Betty goes to the house, breaks in, gets a can of gasoline and plans to set the place on fire.

The whole time, she recalls her happy memories with the family.

Something tells me the way she recalls it isn't the way it actually went.

Betty gets into her car and slams it right into Dan's house. He pulls her out of the car and tells his daughters to call 9-1-1.

Dan tells the police that he thinks she needs to go to a place to get care. She's clearly not in her right mind. They strap her up in a straight jacket right in front of the house. The girls stand there with tears in their eyes.

Betty will not say anything about the situation. She tells the doctor that she's not crazy. Yes, she did a crazy thing, but she is not crazy. She knows that Dan Broderick never loses, and if he wants the doctor to say she's crazy, he will.

Dan calls the hospital. He wants to know what it will take to get this over. He offers money. She wants respect. She hangs up on him but wants to call him back. She can't.

When she gets out, her parents are gone. Her mother won't leave bed. Her dad says they were shamed. Everything she does she does to them, too.

She was a good girl who followed the rule book when she was in college. She did it all right, but the rule book only works if your husband follows it too.

At the store, she runs into some ladies and spells it all out for them to stop their snickering behind her back.

Bob calls Betty about the structural damage done to Dan's house. Dan won't pay her retainer, either. Dan says she needs to be invested in the idea.

It wasn't her idea, and she doesn't pay for things she doesn't want.

Dan brings over the kids. He offers a clean slate between them. He suggests she take the kids on a trip. They need to break the pattern they've gotten into with each other for both their sakes. Action has consequences.

Dan's actions make Betty think that he's having second thoughts on their divorce. After all, he sent them to Keystone, after all.

Her friends suggest that while Dan makes up his mind, Betty should remind him of what he's missing.

Dan wants a bifurcation divorce, and it's something that will not do Betty any good. Bob won't be her lawyer anymore. He's not been paid, and he doesn't even think Betty wants him to represent her. She admits that she doesn't. She doesn't want a divorce let alone a divorce attorney.

Betty is trying to get a job in a gallery. The woman thinks Betty could do whatever she wanted to do and wonders why she wants this job, but she gets it.

Betty and Dan have lunch. He wants to know why Bob isn't representing her any longer. Betty wonders if Dan was scared by Bob and that's why he wouldn't pay him. And yes, Dan's interest is piqued by Betty's job.

Betty tries calling all of the attorneys in the book, but she's not getting any response. She seems to be getting desperate.

Her friends can't believe that everyone is turning her down. She asks the man across the table from her, but he's in IP not in family law. He knows he can't go against Dan. She wants them to tell Dan that it's not too late. It won't ever be too late.

They feel sorry for her.

At a club, Betty opens up to her widowed friend and then dances the night away, but Dan is there, and they dance.

Apparently, it was all in her imagination. She excitedly calls Dan when she gets home. Do you smell carrots? She was reminded of a guy named Floyd Bergen while she was there. They laugh a lot over that and how Floyd looked like a snowman. Dan thanks her for the laugh and hangs up.

The kids arrive and tell Betty they can't do soccer because they go to a therapist to talk about things that scare them.

Betty is freaked out again. Why did he tell the kids that she's nuts.

The women all know women who have been screwed over. Her latest friend worries that her trial date wasn't really postponed and that she doesn't know what's going on.

Dan is at the hearing, yucking it up with the judge and attorneys. He gets them to proceed without her. Again.

Dan is thrilled at the proceedings.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I would LIKE to say that I'm not the crazy one. He is.


Dan: You're starting to get it now, aren't you?
Bob: Get what?
Dan: Betty.

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