Dan Courts Betty - Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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The same detective who was questioning Betty is now on the stand in court talking about the day Dan was killed.

Father Luke tells a teenage Elizabeth Ann (Betty) that she needs to go home. It's not until she gets home that she sees her gym shorts -- she's gotten her period.

Her mother hands her the awful contraption to care for it.

Years later, she's talking about silver spoons when her father says a boy called, and she must be a slut. Her parents tell her to stop the calls.

In court, the detective is still on the stand. Then it's a woman who says that Betty told her that she didn't think she hurt Dan because he sat up and said, "you shot me. YOu're dead."

In 1977, Dan and Betty are at an office where he gets a new job.

In 1965, Dan was late for a date with Betty. They go into the theater.

Dan always seems to be late. Betty is reading about Gloria Steinham, who Betty thinks is weird.

Dan has put Jerry Mathis on the jukebox. They dance.

Is the guy's voice dubbed? He sounds so much like Christian Slater.

Dan asks Betty to marry him over a pitcher of beer. Then he does the turtle and the dinosaur. He's not going to let her get away.

In Westchester in 1969, Bettey is marrying Dan. Her mother is appalled because Dan didn't wear the formal morning dress.

It's their wedding night. They're both nervous. And the sex looks god awful.

Dan doesn't seem all that nice of a guy from this perspective.

More friends are testifying.

They're swinging wildly through time, and it's not very effective.

When Betty got pregnant, she has to quit her job. They talk about not eating. She can sell Tupperware. Dan didn't buy antacids.

Better was a happy homemaker, taking care of everything while Dan studied and worked. She even suffers a miscarriage.<> He gets a custom made doctor's jacket. Or three, under the guise of caring for her. In reality, he just wanted the jackets.

From the future to the past to the future again. It's all about Dan making choices for Dan while Betty cares for the family.

After being on her feet all day and frozen pipes and Dan never home, Betty wants an abortion. Dan makes promises he'll likely never keep.

Betty went into labor on a night that Dan was entertaining, and she lost the baby.

He loved looking at her pregnant.

Dan's job interferes even with Betty's ability to have a normal pregnancy since all of the doctors are afraid of Dan's practice.

After her last child, Betty wants to get her tubes tied. He seems angry but acts like he's OK with it.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Betty: We'll have to leave the room for a little while, won't we? Not to be in the way of housekeeping?
Dan: Ah, they're not coming. I told the desk not to send them. We're married now. We want to be alone.
Betty: What? You want to sleep in an unmade bed?
Dan: Why would I have to? You can make a bed.

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