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  • Steven Pasquale stars Dr. Jason Cole a neurosurgeon and nice guy by day, and every night his alternative personality, Ian Price, comes out to play.
  • Jason and fellow Dr. Solis share a bond and chemistry with each other, but Ian ruins it when he calls he and gives her a bad time.
  • Throughout the pilot Jason sets up Ian for failure, and with the experimental drug, Oblivion, no longer suppressing Ian Jason decides to make a pact with Ian. If Ian doesn't ruin Jason's life, then Jason won't suppress Ian anymore.
  • Jason and Dr. Marcado decide to try to find a way to permanently kill Ian.
Do No Harm
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Do No Harm Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Give me a second to catch up. Are we fighting? Oh good, we are fighting!


No cash, no credit cards. That's not very nice Jason.