On Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4, Fallon attempts to get Liam's memory back with Sammy's help while Adam and Cristal compete for Blake's love.

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On Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4, Fallon tries her best to convince Liam of their romance before it's too late. Blake is torn between Cristal and Adam as they both attempt to do their best for his wine company. And a musical breaks out multiple times.

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On Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4, Blake and Cristal surprise Adam with some news that doesn't sit well with him, so he attempts to sabotage their plans.

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

The annual Blue Belt tasting is tonight at Carrington Manor. Apparently, Adam's running the vineyard now. Prodigal son entrusted with the last remaining jewel of the Carrington empire. It's almost Shakespearean.

Jeff Colby

Fallon: Should I text him? Maybe I'll text him.
Sam: Fallon, we broke into his house twice. Okay? I'd let it breathe.
Fallon: For how long?