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Derek Clay, a Realtor, hires Joan to look for a missing young woman, Maria Rodriguez. Strider Lincoln of the U.S. Marshals Service tries to recruit Marcus. Joan finds Maria's apartment and it's been tossed. She calls in Marcus. Maria's mother and brother don't know what she's been up to. Maris worked as a financial dominatrix, paid with gift cards. Their client was one of Maria's customers. Chantal says that Marshals don't recruit, so Marcus must have an "angel" working for him. Joan and Sherlock confront a man who runs an involuntary-celibacy website and force a name out of him for a man who threatened Maria. Kyle Spikowski, who was planning to shoot up a women's gym, is actually in love with Maria. Kyle, who planted spyware on Maria's phone, said Maria had just gotten back from an extended trip. Sherlock was the one who got Marcus recruited. He urges Marcus to think about his future. Maria was on tour promoting the toys she makes. Roman, another tour regular, is also missing. He and Maria are a couple. Texts between them indicated they were in trouble. Roman and Maria were being forced to make "ghost guns." The guns resemble those seized in an ongoing ATF investigation. Bell isn't applying for the Marshal Service because he refuses to leave Captain Gregson. Marcus gets Bud Granville to roll on the gunrunner, Enrico Marcado, who resists arrest and is killed, taking out their only lead. Maria and Roman are training their replacements. Maria's brother Paula is involved in the same gang as Mercado. He tells them where Maria and Roman are. Gregson tells Marcus he'll support him whatever he decides. Marcus decides to apply for the Marshals. 

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Elementary Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

How could she forget a charmer such as yourself?

Sherlock [to Kyle]

Marcus Bell, U.S. Marshal. It has a nice ring to it.

Chantal [to Marcus]