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Flashback to 1996 and Frank working in Topeka, KS. Karen is there. They are making a tornado when it breaks through the glass and sucks them up.

Back to present. Dorothy and the Wizard talk about how he knows her.

Eamonn is trying to get information from Lucas who is chained up.Anna comes in with a contraption for his head to look in his eyes.

Dorothy wants  more answers. Eamonn comes in wielding a sword. He tells the Wizard not to trust her. She tells the Wizard to let her see Lucas. She does. West shows up unlock the magic blocking his memories.

Elizabeth tells the Wizard that Dorothy is part of the Beast Forever. He seems to think the solider with magic is a problem. Ev not building weapons for them is a problem. Not Dorothy. He wants Anna to take over as head of high council. Eamonn shows up,

West learns that Glinda is responsible for the magic in her brain. Tip and Jack run into each other as Tip is bringing West tea and Jack is carrying Ev's bags. It doesn't go well. Lady Ev is jealous. She makes Jack show Tip what he is.

West can't break Glinda's magic, but she can go through a back door via Dorothy. Lucas doesn't want her to do it, but Dorothy agrees.

The Wizard is showing Lady Ev the bullet. He wants her to make some bullets to protect against the Beast Forever. The King shows up looking for his dog. Lady Ev wasnts the gun before she'll help the Wizard.

West performs the ritual and it works. He's remembering what happened. Something is in the wagon. It's girls, including Sylvie.

 He swallows something before he is strung up. He makes the girls run. West knows what it is.

The Wizard is having a drink with Eamonn. He tells him he needs the gun. 

West is angry. She tells the Wizard that there are new witches and Glinda's going to use the new witches against him. He wants Eamonn to find Sylvie.

Dorothy and Lucas talk when Elizabeth comes to free  Lucas. Dorothy goes to find Sylvie. She runs into Eamonn. Eamonn knows where the girl is.

The Wizard is watching his high council and has a flashback. Karen, Jane and him are walking in the woods of Munchkin Land.

Eamonn takes Dorothy to his house. Toto is there, so is Sylvie. Apparently Sylvie is Eamonn's daughter. Dorothy promises to get Sylvie to Glinda. 

There are too many guards around the wagon to get Sylvie safely there. The King is wandering. 

Dorothy visits Frank. She asks if he is her father. He has another flashback. East is going to send the home via tornado. Frank doesn't want to leave. Frank admits he locked them out of their machine that sent them to Oz.  He's not her father. It was Roberto, the other doctor working at the lab. Frank lies to Dorothy about how her father died.

She wants him to let Sylvie go and he has a proposition for her.

King Ev is walking around looking for his dog when he runs into Toto and Syvie.

Frank shows Dorothy the vortex chamber that could send her home. He says that her destiny is Oz to save them all.

He wants her to help him stop Glina. He wants her to shoot Glinda. They hear screaming outside. Sylvie turned King Ev to stone.

Lady Ev has to put her father to rest.

Lucas has hidden Sylvie and Tot when Elizabeth shows. up. She won't let Dorothy go with, but then agrees. They are going to see Glinda.

Elizabeth tells Anna she was meant to find secrets. Eamonn is in on the plan which was Dorothy's plan. She gave Frank the gun. 

Frank has another flashback. He's with the munchkin kids performing an experiment.  He is proud of his experiment when Nahala, Ojo's wife performs magic, embarrassing Frank. She builds a stone man out of rocks. The kids are no longer entranced with Frank.

The Wizard is trying to make peace with Lady Ev. He shows her the gun. And he demonstrates by shooting Anna without knowing that Anna was still on his side.



Emerald City
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Emerald City Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Nobody told me it would be a threesome.


I've known you since the day you were born. Here. In Oz.

The Wizard