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The Wizard and his army head to Ev. 

West is in the field with Tip talking about Princess Ozma and the dagger. 

Dorothy learns that Lucas is Glinda's husband from a pregnant woman in prison with her.  Lucas tells Dorothy she has to convince Glinda she means her no harm. Lucas and Glinda get intimate, but Lucas isn't that into it.

The woman is having the baby.

Jack wakes up in Queen Ev's bed. She is not there. 

West and Tip arrive in the sacred temple. She makes Tip drink something that causes her to have memories of what happened when she was a baby. Tip doesn't wake up after the vision is over.

Jack is being treated like a prince by Langwidere's staff. 

Dorothy is helping the woman give birth.Lucas is there and they are working together. Glinda is not happy. Lucas is obviously still in love with Dorothy.

West is performing a ceremony for Tip who appears to have died.

Glinda and Lucas talk about what happened. 

The soldiers make camp and the Wizard and a few men go to Ev to retrieve the weapons. Jack visits Jane. He learns she's been fired by Langwidere for refusing to help make weapons. 

Glinda takes Dorothy to a place where witches are ill from overuse. She wants Dorothy to help them if she can.

Sylvie shows her power and makes friends.

West arrives to talk with Glinda. She wants Glinda to tell her where her mother is. Glinda won't tell her.

Langwidere and Jack argue about Jane and property. She releases her hold on Jack...frees him.

Dorothy tries to comfort some of the girls. Lucas comes in with another girl who's been pushed too hard. 

Dorothy uses her magic hands to get out of the room and walk through the castle. She finds Glinda's room. She almost kills Glinda with the magic. Lucas convinces her to let Glinda go. Glinda is angry Lucas didn't go after Dorothy to stop her.

Dorothy finds Sylvie, but Sylvie doesn't leave with her. 

Lucas tells Glinda he can't break Dorothy's spell. He wants Glinda to use magic to rip her hold out of him. Glinda tells him he needs to kill Dorothy to make his heart free.

Jack leaves Langwidere. He gets outside just as the Wizard arrives. Ev's soldiers point their weapons at the Wizard. Eamonn opens a locked trunk and the lion head is there. The same lion head that killed Ozma's parents.

West is in the sacred temple. She's completely out of it. She cuts open her wrists. Tip has risen and comes to where West is, telling her, it worked.


Emerald City
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Emerald City Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

After retrieving the weapons from Ev, we'll march north to Glinda and bury her and her pathetic witchlings, and we'll host a celebration to quell any doubts that science triumphs over magic.

The Wizard

Tip: I'm not a princess.
West: You don't know what you are.
Tip: I'm a boy.
West: You were turned into a boy. Why else, but to protect you?
Tip: Everyone keeps telling me who and what I am. When do I get to decide?