Dorothy Beware - Emerald City Season 1 Episode 3
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Dorothy is sleeping when she hears a gunshot. Lucas is at the beach. He used the gun. THey argue about Lucas killing Mombi.

They hear a lion and come across a caravan. It's a circus. They catch a ride. In the sky there's huge cloud. East controlled the weather. People know she was murdered.

The caravan is stopped by Eamonn and his men.

Jack and Tip are in the forest.They decide to go to the City of Ev to find more medicine to make Tip again.

Lucas figures out that the stopped caravan is not a good thing. Dorothy doesn't want to go. She wants the guards to take her to Emerald City. Lucas leaves. Someone tells Eamonn that Dorothy is in the last car. He pulls out his sword and heads out. Toto takes off and Dorothy follows. Lucas takes her behind the bushes and hears that Eamonn wants her dead.

In the Emerald City, The Wizard is taken by Ana to one of the warriors where three women commit suicide. It was part magic.

Dorothy and Lucas are walking. She wants to know why the Wizard wants her dead. They see East's castle in the distance and Dorothy wants to go there. She thinks that's how she can go home in the inverted tornado above East's castle.

The Wizard is worried about what is going on and what fell through the sky. One of the advisors tells him there is only 8 days left before the Beast incinerates them all. Ana has other ideas. She's the scientific one and contradicts everyone. She predicts it's going to snow tonight. The dead women were from West. The Wizard wants to see her.

Dorothy is telling Lucas about her parents and Karen Chapman. Dorothy is really intent on getting home to a mother she never knew.

They come across the palace guard. He thinks they're there to steal and pulls his sword. When she tries to stop it her hands are covered with jewels. She has the East's elements on her hands. She tells the guard she is his new mistress.

Tip and Jac arrive in the City of Ev. It looks like something out of Harry Potter. They are eating at a restaurant. She goes to bathroom and can't decide if she should go in the men's or women's bathroom.

Back at East's castle, she wants to go to the cyclone. Sullivan thinks she's there to settle the weather. She needs to do the ritual of purification then the ceremony for settling the weather. The guard tells Lucas that he must surrender his sword...that he is the mistress's blade now. Lucas complies with some urging from Dorothy.

The Wizard is going off on West who is a shell of herself. he's upset about the use of magic. He threatens to waken his giants to make her an example. Turns out Ana's mom was a prostitute. West tells the Wizard Ana is not his.

Dorothy goes to the purification temple. Toto is with her. Dorothy comes out in a red gown and goes to the place twhere the cyclone has originated to settle it.

As she walks toward the water, she is able to walk on it to the circle in the middle. Her hands turn to jewels as she stands in the middle.

She's taken into the cyclone and she raises her arm towaards it.

The Wizard finds Ana and tells him his name is Frank Morgan. He was a man before he was a wizard. He tells her his story. He had no power. He studied and worked hard for his power. He's telling her all this because she's upset that her mother was a prostitute. He tells her her mother does not define her.

Tip and Jack end up at the apothecary for medicine. They give him the vial, but the guy wants to know where the guardian is. Jack tells her she died.

Dorothy is in a forzen place, still on the stone. She sees her mother's lab coat floating in the water and picks it up.

Ana is investigating the women's death. They were prostitutes. West is under investigation. The Wizard tells West her punishment if found guilty will be his decision.

She tells him she hates magic, that it was a drug worse than the opium. Her magic couldn't stop the beast.

They pharmacist tells Tip he won't be making the elixir for her, because it's black magic. She learns she was born a girl, not a boy, that someone wanted to hide her true nature.

Ana tells the Wizard that the magic used on the girls was from the beast itself, not from West. Turns out that the beast chose the women to exploit the Wizard's weaknesses. They serviced men who were impotent.

Dorothy returns to the castle. She didn't settle the weather. Apparently, the Wizard brought the interloper (Karen) to East to send her away. She tells the guard the truth. The castle is taken by the cyclone. She tells him she can't settle the weather.

Dorothy and Lucas escape. Dorothy's mother was in Oz. So was she the Witch of the South? Dorothy, still dressed in her red dress, heads to Emerald City.

The Wizard's counsel advises him to animate the stone giants immediately before the entire city burns. It's snowing in the Emerald City. Ana is locked up. It's snowing, just as Ana predicted.

Eamonn arrives at East's castle and picks up a prescription bottle.

Tip is very upset at what has happened to her. They are high up on a balcony. they argue. Jack tires to console her, but she won't have any of it. Jack tries to kiss her and she shoves him off the balcony. She's pretty strong. Is he dead?

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Emerald City Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Whatever happened, we'll fix it. We'll turn you back to you.


Dorothy: You shouldn't have that.
Lucas: I don't think anyone should.
Dorothy: Give it to me.
Lucas: What's it called?
Dorothy: A gun.