Princess Ozma Returns - Emerald City Season 1 Episode 10
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Nahala is talking to the red man asking him to spare Ojo's life. He pulls a skin down from the trees and puts it on.

Eamonn sees an army of witches coming towards the Emerald City and demands his guards man the walls. The flying monkeys go crazy. Something or someone else has control. The droids spell OZMA in the sky and the witches break into Emerald City with Ozma at the head.

West is by her side giving guidance.

Frank goes to his encampment in Ev. Dorothy is there waiting. They discuss next steps. He shows Dorothy the guns.

Ozma and West meet Eamonn who is dressed as the lion. He surrenders his sword and she takes off his mask. She questions his motives for killing her parent and sparing her. She demands the guards bring her his family. she takes away their memories of him as his punishment. They don't know who he is. He is then cast out of Emerald City forever.

West gives Ozma her crown and bows down in front of her when she finally puts it on, making a conscious choice to be Queen Ozma and give up Tip forever.

Jane is following Jack who is on his way to find the Wizard, ax in hand.  Wizard cowers, but Jane stops him before Jack kills him. He tells her Dorothy, her daughter is here. She goes to find Dorothy and The Wizard's life is spared.

A huge swarm of locusts (the white witches) arrives at the encampment. Dorothy uses  her magic to slow the locusts down. Glinda appears to her.  Then she brings out Sylvie and Sylvie works on destroying the giant. Dorothy can't convince Sylvie, but she animates the other stone giant in Emerald City that puts its spear down in the wtich's temples. It causes Glinda to temporarily lose her magic. 

The Wizard shoots Sylvie and the rest of the soldiers start killing witches. The soldiers start chopping up Jack after he tries to attack using his ax.

Dorothy hunts the Wizard using her magic to throw away guards. Frank runs, but falls and Dorothy raises the gun to Frank. Then all of a sudden the witch's rise. The guns didn't kill them. So, how did Dorothy's gun kill East?

Back in the prison of the abject, the red man rises.

Glinda returns to Emerald City to find the temple destroyed. Dorothy and Frank arrive as well. West is waiting with Ozma and greets Glinda. Glinda is not being very nice. She doesn't want to work with West and Ozma. She wants only magic to rule Oz not magic and reason.

Jack is nearly dead in the field. He sees the Red Man flying to Emerald City.

Dorothy takes Frank to the tank to return home. Frank doesn't want to go back. He's loses control. He tells her about Karen Chapman and that she is not her mother. Jane shoots Frank and he dies. Dorothy thinks he's the only one who knows how to use the machine, but Jane does and she sends Dorothy home while she stays behind. Why does she stay behind? Why can't she go with Dorothy back to Kansas?

Dorothy is back in Kansas at Karen's trailer after the tornado. Karen is still alive.

It's a few days afterwards and Dorothy isn't much in the mood for anything, including eating. She's going to leave to see Karen in the hospital but Aunt Em wants to talk to her for a little bit. Aunt Em's fingers are black like West's from cracking walnuts. 

Dorothy goes to take a walk by the scarecrow when Lucas shows up with Toto. Jane needs her back. Why? She just sent her back home. Why didn't she keep her there? What's the purpose? And how did Jane know about Lucas?

Dorothy needs to go back to stop the Beast Forever. He's going to bring her "home."




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