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A woman is running in the rain in a cornfield carrying a baby. She runs to a house and bangs on the door.  She's begging, 'Please..." Above the baby's thumb is a birthmark of dots which make a circle. A circle of dots.

New day in Lucas.  A girl in a pickup truck is watching the woman. The woman sees her and she takes off. The same girl is at the hospital. It's Dorothy and she's a nurse. She attends to an older woman. She seems like a caring nurse until she steals medicine from the old lady.

It's Dorothy's birthday. Aunt Em makes her a cake.  Dorothy and Aunt Em are cleaning dishes and in the scene there are movie references from the film...a tin man...a rainbow suncatcher, a scarecrow showing through a window, a lion on the windowsill. It's cute and clever. Dorothy's birth mother's name is Karen Chapman.

Dorothy leaves to go to her mother's house to talk to her. Outside a storm is brewing. Even with the storm brewing, she still gets in her pickup truck and leaves. She gets to Karen's trailer and the storm is crazy. Karen doesn't answer. She goes in anyway. It looks like Karen is a storm tracker. But something's not right. There's a mass of blood on the floor that Dorothy steps right into. 

She finds a dead cop behind the curtain. she leaves and finds a cellar. There's a dead woman out there. Karen is injured too. She tells Dorothy she has to run that she doesn't want help. Other cops arrive. A dog is barking in one of the cars. Another cop pulls his gun, but the tornado gets. Dorothy dashes into the car as the tornado takes her and Toto, the German Shepard on a trip to a snowy place. She hits someone and then the car crashes into a tree. Is it the Wicked Witch of the East. Dead?

She opens the trunk to find a gun and a coat. She takes both. When she looks again, the Witch is gone. She was looking for a first aid kit. She's going to leave, but takes the dog with her.

She starts walking and sees a weird cloud in the sky. Little people (Munchins?) come from behind trees. It actually reminded me of Close Encounters of the Third Kind the way they came up to her and took her (you know, that scene at the end.) They take her to a village where people are dancing. Toto doesn't like it at all. Dorothy doesn't know where she is or what the guy is saying. 

A big guy with blue markings, talks English and calms Toto down with a look. Dorothy is lost. This tribe is not going to help her. She should know that these people are not from Kansas. The dead woman is on a slab. They think Dorothy is a witch and do some water torture on her. She's freaked out. 

Ojo talks about the Witch of the East's sisters, and the Wizard.

We get to the Emerald City with flying monkeys. The Wizard is playing the organ. The ladies tell him something happened in the east. They roll film from a monkey projector that is hand-cranked by one of the ladies that shows a tornado from the Muchakin village. Cute.  The film also shows a car coming out of the tornado. The lady tells him it's a sign that the "beast" will rise. Let's call these ladies - advisors.

The Wizard sends Eamonn to the to kill Dorothy before it comes to the Emerald City.

Back at Muchkin land, Ojo tells Dorothy she is to be exiled. He will take her to the border of Muchkin land. Ojo tells her he thinks her "toto" is hungry. She doesn't understand and he tells her "toto" means "dog" in his language. So that's how the German Shepard got his name! Cute.

She takes an aspirin and tells him it's medicine. He calls her a healer. They talk about the "beast" which could be anything...a flood. The Wizard stopped it before by building huge warriors around the city to protect it. Dorothy finally realizes she's not in Kansas anymore. Well, duh, Dorothy, you should have figured that out when they were water torturing you. But, another nice nod to the film.

In Oz, we meet West who has just finished having sex. She walks through her brothel to an office where The Wizard is waiting. He wants to know if she's responsible for the "rip in the sky" to which she responds no.

West learns that the Wizard's main Counsel is pregnant. His advisors are supposed to be chaste. The counsel comes from Glinda.

Ojo is taking Dorothy through a mountain...the quickest way to get around it. It's called, The Prison of the Abject for anyone who violates the Wizard's law against magic. It was run by the Wicked Witch of the East, the only one who could free them. Ojo's wife is a prisoner. 

Ojo tells Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road to find the Wizard. The road is paved with opium.

Dorothy begins walking down the road with Toto. She's getting pretty high. She meanders off the road and sees an overturned wagon, hears a crow, turns and sees a guy with straw on him hung up on a cross.

She miraculously gets the cross down and then frees him. She tends to a wound. He doesn't remember what happened to him. Doesn't know his name. Why? Because he's got no brain. So she tells him she's a healer (great way to fit in). He's got a sword. She wants to leave and invites him along.

Eamonn meets with Ojo who tells him the Dorothy is gone. He wants to show him the Wicked Witch of the East, but she too is gone.

Dorothy and the guy go to a village. She wants to name him. She's very flirty with him. She names him Lucas. Scarecrow has a name!

The two sleep and the Wicked Witch of the East in her amazing flowing red costume, watches them from above.

It's daylight and Lucas wakes up and finds Dorothy who can't walk. They both end up in the Prison of the Abject even though they're still on the road. Are they hallucinating this? The Wicked Witch of the East watches them. Dorothy sees her. 

She tortures them a bit.  She's the Witch most Merciful and Stern. She wants to know why Dorothy came for her. 

The witch has the gun and it's pointing towards her head. She's trying to understand what it is. She wants to know how it works. Dorothy won't say initially, she tries to bargain and tells her to squeeze the trigger and the dumb witch does, killing herself, but releasing Dorothy and Lucas from her hold.

Now, the Wicked Witch of the East is truly dead. West comes out of her brothel in a green dress, screaming. She knows her sister is dead.

The Wizard is informed of the death. The advisor tells him it was magic strong enough to kill a witch. In the north, an advisor comes to tell her about the East's death.

The Wizard is giving a speech about what a great savior he is. That he saved the Emerald City from doom. He promises to protect the all, because he's the great and powerful Wizard of Oz. When he gets back to his chamber he sits down and takes off his hairpiece. Great Wizard indeed. What a showman.









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Emerald City Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Do you really want to know what I wish for? I wish there was more.


Aunt Em: Dorothy, she's your mother.
Dorothy: You're my mother.