Beautiful, but Wicked - Emerald City Season 1 Episode 1
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Dorothy folds the Witch's hands over and the Witch's ruby and gold gloves magically become hers. They leave and continue down the yellow brick road.

Eamonn and his soldiers are following the path of Dorothy. Ojo told them she went around the mountain, but Eomann says he believes they went through instead. Ojo lied. His soldiers are not happy with him.

Glinda escorts her dead sister to the witch burial ground/sacred temple.  The Wizard leaves to meet her with his trusted advisor, but he calls her out for being pregnant.

West and Glinda talk about the Wicked Witch of the East and the hole in her head. They have words. Glinda is pretty icy.

Dorothy is trying to play knock knock jokes with Lucas, but he's a little dense. Why does she keep asking him stuff when she knows she's not in Kansas anymore? Lucas doesn't recognize anything. They're still pretty flirty for just meeting. His wound is getting worse.

Eamonn is going through the prison while his soldiers are trash talking him and talk about killing Eamonn to chase after Dorothy themselves. They are going to make it look like lions did it.

Dorothy and Lucas stop in a village to find a doctor. She's looking for penicillin. A guy points her to a woman who has an apothecary. Inside the woman's house she is working on a tea. She has a son locked up and his given medicine. He's locked up. His name is Tip. There's a small windows. After she leaves, he grabs two sticks hidden. She leaves her enchanted tree entrance to go get a chicken. 

A friend of his tries to break through the branches, but no luck.

The Wicked Witch of the East's burial ceremony is taking place in the temple. Glinda replaces Isabel with Ana as the Wizard's main counsel.

The Wizard wants to unlock the Prison of the Abject and asks the witches to recreate the magic, but Icy Glinda says its not possible. 

Dorothy comes to Mombi's house. Jack, the friend of Tip, takes off. Mambi shows up, but won't let her in. She sends Dorothy to her fields to find what she's looking for, but sees Lucas' sword head as belonging to the Wizard's army. She invites them in.

Eamonn drops his sword and leaves the group. The one saying he was going to kill him follows him to do so.  BTW, Eomann is a guard with armor. The guy comes up to Eamonn and swings his sword. Is Eamonn dead?

Back in the enchanted hut, she gives Tip some more medicine. She leaves to see what Dorothy is up to. She sees that Lucas is getting better. She asks Dorothy what kind of witch she is. 

Back at Eamonn's camp, he comes from the fog and grabs his sword. The other guy is gone and the other guys go looking. His name is Dorian, and Dorian is dead. They bring his cut up body to Eamonn who says, "lions."

Glinda and West go into the deeper areas of the temple for the ceremony. The Wizard comes in and tells them he is opening up the funeral and ceremony to the public to remind his people what witches used to be. Glinda is pissy about it. West is just annoyed.

Back at Mombi's place, Dorothy walks around as Mombi gets some herbs from outside. Toto is digging at Tip's door and whining. Dorothy is suspicious. Tip pushes a "help me" note under the door. Lucas is resting. Mombi adds some extra special herbs to his tea. 

Dorothy shows the note to Mombi. Mombi wants them to leave. Mombi makes up some story about Tip being a street boy. She's afraid and over-protective. Dorothy is almost convinced, but not quite.

Tip is waiting, but no one comes.

Back at the Wizard's palace, he watches Ana do calculations or something. He invites her to attend the funeral with him. 

West makes her way into the funeral chamber to do her dance and things. She's all painted up and high as a kite. They begin the ceremony. It's a little crazy and it's all the Wicked Witch's show.

East's body rises and West does the ceremony.The Wizard did this to make it look like a black witch ceremony.  West takes the life or something out of East. They are now one, it seems.

Dorothy is a little weirded out by Lucas and his sword. She wants to leave, but it appears Mombi has poisoned him. Dorothy works her magic to save him and does.

Badass Dorothy grabs Lucas' sword and stares down the sleeping Mombi.

West throws up East's spells into a jar. 

Dorothy is breaking into Tip's room. Somehow Jack is there. Dorothy used the sword to lock Mombi's door.  Tip wants his medicine, but they can't find any, but Jack finds a gem-covered something and takes it. Tip and Jack escape.

Mombi is saying spells and the door explodes. She gets out before Lucas and Dorothy can escape.  She completely flips out and tries to kill Dorothy. Lucas comes behind her and kills her with the sword. Then Lucas gets a little violent, smashing her head in with a vase.

Tip and Jack are in the woods. Tip doesn't feel good. He needs the medicine. He thinks it's the only thing keeping him alive.

Glinda watches as the witch's burial temple is sealed up again. Glinda and The Wizard talk about friendship.

Eamonn finds a bloodstain in the shape of the circle on Dorothy's hand. Dorothy and Lucas continue on the yellow brick road, but she's a little flipped out by what he did to Mombi. Back at Mombi's place, her hands are moving. Could she still be alive.

In the woods, Jack wakes up to find no Tip. Instead he finds a girl. But it's Tip! The medicine was keeping him a him when he's really a girl.





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Do you really want to know what I wish for? I wish there was more.


Aunt Em: Dorothy, she's your mother.
Dorothy: You're my mother.