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The Wizard's guards are invading a small village and pulling children who may be witches.

The Wizard wlaks with Eamonn discussing the girls and the HIgh Council. He tells him that if anyone tries to leave to kill them.

Lucas, Dorothy and Sylve make a quick stop in a field. She defends the Wizard.

Langdiwere and Jack are traveling home. Jack apologizes for her father's death.She asks about Tip. She's angry. She stops the carriage and makes Jack get out. He falls and gets stuck in mud. He's left by the screaming forest.

Lucas talks about a farmhouse that is nearby. A pack of wolves is heading towards Sylvie and Dorothy tries to warn her. When she doesn't hear she screams again and the jewels take over her hands and she saves Sylvie. They arrive at the farmhouse. Dorothy takes the plugs out of Sylvie's ears so she can here. 

West is having a nightmare about a tidal wave coming to the island. The Wizard wants West to single out the witches among the girls. She is completely out of it. West tells him she won't help. He tries to convince her that Glinda is bad to bring West on his side. He lies and tells her that he wants to help her save the witch girls.

Dorothy is making soup. Dorothy wants to keep Sylvie from Glinda.

West checks the girls and discovers that none of them are witches. The guards invade another village looking for girls. One of hte girls escapes. The guards chase after her. She's definitely a witch and kills the guards.

Jack is walking through the screaming forest. He's all rusty from his fall in the water. He's having a hard time walking. He screams for help, but no one hears him.

Dorothy puts Sylvie to bed. Dorothy admits that the Wizard's guards aren't coming, because the Wizard let her go. 

West goes into the burning building where the witch was to find her.  She brings the girl out. The Wizard wants the witch put into a cage, but West protects her and throws her into a pit with fire. The Wizard leaves with West and Tip. West is feeling horrible for leaving the young witch to die.

Jack is in the forest, stuck when Langwidere arrives. She's laughing at Jack. She has oil to help him with the rust and puts it on him. Jack can walk again. 

At the farmhouse, Dorothy and Lucas are in bed talking about her deal with the Wizard about going home.

Dorothy is going to leave to face Glinda alone, but the house starts moving upside down. She calls for Sylvie. Sylvie is the one responsible. She doesn't want Dorothy to leave. They all decide to go to Kansas together.

Jack and Langwidere arrive home. She was going to take off the mask for Jack, but he tells her not to. They kiss and she undresses.

The Wizard is talking to the people of Emerald City. He releases all the girls to their parents. 

He tells them about what the he did to the High Council for working for Glinda -- he killed them. He tellsthe people that witches are The Beast Forever.

Tip looks at all the crater where the women were killed. 

West takes the girl witch to the fields and ends her suffering. She takes her magic and releases it.. Tip is there. West discovers that Tip is Princess Ozma.

Dorothy and gang stop right outside Glinda's palace. They go inside and meet Glinda. The spell on Lucas is lifted and he kisses Glinda. he tells Dorothy what his true name is. Lucas is Glinda's prince. Lucas gives up Dorothy and tells Glinda what Dorothy plans to do on behalf of the Wizard.


Emerald City
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