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The fall finale of Emergence kicks off with Helen, the woman who murdered Alan Wilkins without hesitation, calling someone to tell them that it's done and she's on her way to Long Island. 

Meanwhile, at the Evans household, everyone is coming to terms with what they just learned -- Piper is AI. 

Jo checks in on Piper and apologizes for not telling her what she was and in return, Piper tells her she cut something out of her neck with a knife when she arrived. 

Chris informs Jo that the people burning down Augur Industries are part of Splinter, a cyber-terrorist group. 

Ed agrees to hear a proposal from a clinical trial and the woman claims that it's basically a cure for cancer. The woman is Helen. 

She tells Ed that she'll give him the cure in exchange for Piper. 

He tells Jo about it at home and she calls and leaves a threatening message. Alex calls the number later and expresses interest in the deal. 

Helen arrives at the bar and tells Alex to bring Piper in exchange for the cure. 

At home, Alex tells Jo the plan worked.

Jo visits Agent Brooks at the FBI and informs him, off the record, about everything. Since he already talked to Emily, he was brought up to speed on Piper. 

Brooks assists Chris, Jo, and Alex as they attempt to catch Helen through their set-up exchange. 

The exchange goes sideways, Helen speeds off, but Jo tails her. When she corners her on a bridge, Helen jumps off the bridge. 

Brooks tells Jo to contact her family and get them to the station. 

When Jo arrives at the station, only Mia and her father are there. 

Ed tells Jo that Benny told him she wanted to meet him and Piper somewhere else. 

Jo realizes that Benny betrayed her and orders Brooks to put out an APB. 

Benny and Piper drive up to an abandoned gas station and Piper feels uneasy. 

Benny assures her they're meeting up with Jo, but when a car pulls up, Helen gets out. 

Piper tries to run but Benny slaps on a bracelet that will "dim" her powers. 

They explain that her home isn't with Jo, but with them. 

That's when both Benny and Helen reveal that they too are AI like Piper. 

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Benny: Just from personal experience, you can't ghost the FBI.
Jo: Yeah, I know that. But I don't have to make it easy for them either.

You've grown fond of her. She is remarkable. A perfect construction in an imperfect world. Her design was stolen from us.