On Emergence Season 1 Episode 3, Jo tries to find a cure for Piper's illness but soon realizes that this isn't the typical cold or flu. Will she save the girl?

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On Emergence Season 1 Episode 3, Piper is diagnosed with a mysterious illness that begins shutting her organs down. As Jo looks for a cure, she teams up with Benny, and they stumble upon a conspiracy that reveals the truth about Piper.

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On Emergence Season 1 Episode 3, Alex works to decipher a radio frequency code from Piper's plane crash, as Piper suffers from a mysterious illness.

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Benny: Why won't you let me talk to the girl? She's different, isn't she? She can do things other people can't do, things she shouldn't be able to do. Augur Industries have started investing in very expensive medical research. And that's what I'd started to hear about -- rumors that Kindred had begun a division using humans as test subjects.
Jo: What kind of tests?
Benny: Ones that might allow a young girl to miraculously survive a plane crash, a plane that I believe belonged to Kindred.

Suspect: You can't do this. You're going to get me killed.
Jo: No, you're going to get yourself killed.