On Emergence Season 1 Episode 8, Jo works against the clock to find Emily and get the answers she needs to save Piper's life. Is she successful?

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On Emergence Season 1 Episode 8, Jo hunts down Emily, a new FBI agent rolls into town and his agenda aligns with Jo's, Alex and Piper team up to find answers about her identity, and a new key player is revealed.

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On Emergence Season 1 Episode 8, the FBI arrives complicating Jo’s efforts to find Emily while Alex and Piper hunt for answers on a road trip.

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Jo: I need you to get into Piper's code and eliminate the fatal exception.
Alan: Even if I could, I wouldn't.
Jo: Why not?
Alan: Do you have a full understanding of how she was able to get Emily out of her head?
Jo: She did it herself.
Alan: Which means she rewrote her own code.

Jo: I've been here before.
Chris: What was inside?
Jo: It's kind of a long story. They had robot dogs, though.
Chris: I just really wish I could have seen that.
Jo: I know.