Watch Extant Season 2 Episode 9 Online, in which Molly continues to succumb to the man-mde hybrid virus, as Charlie and Julie fight to shut down the Humanichs.

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See Molly relive her past and delve into her own subsconscious when you watch Extant Season 2 Episode 9 Online. When you watch Extant online, you'll also see Julie vow to fix her previous errors and take down the out of control Humanichs project to prevent all-out chaos.

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On Extant Season 2 Episode 9, Molly succumbs to the virus while the Hybrids are out for revenge and Julie must face some hard truths.

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Extant Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Loving doesn't come easy to me. Can't you see, Daddy? I've been running from you and Mrs. Kaber my whole life.


That's what keeps us from going under, it's the struggle. Mistakes are what make us human. All of us. But forgiveness, that gives us humanity. It's time, baby girl. It's time to forgive me. To forgive John. To forgive yourself.

Molly's father