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On "Road to Vegas," Brian wins tickets to see Celine Dion in Vegas, and invites Stewie along. Stewie suggests that they use his teleporter to go to Vegas instead of flying there. The process doesn't seem to work, and they take off on their flight as planned. However, a separate Brian and Stewie wind up n Vegas, and wind up being extremely lucky, checking in to their hotel first, and using their tickets, while the non-teleported pair suffers huge bouts of bad luck, and wind up in debt to a loan shark. Their circumstances change after a chance backpack swap where the lucky pair loses their cash while the unlucky pair unknowingly has money. The lucky pair is visited by one of the loan shark's goons, who kill Stewie at Brian's behest. Meanwhile, the unlucky Stewie suggests that he and Brian commit suicide in one last hurrah, but Stewie backs out at the last moment. The surviving Brian and Stewie inadvertently meet up at a bus terminal, each lying to the other about the circumstances of the other's death.


On "No Country for Old Men," Peter gets a harmonica stuck up his butt when Stewie leaves it in the bathtub. He soon discovers that when he farts, it plays music. He takes his talents to America's Got Talent, but the harmonica falls out. On the flight back, Chris sits next to a girl who's a member of the Barrington family, the richest family in Rhode Island. By way of Chris dating her, Peter gets into the Barringtons' exclusive country club, which Carter Pewterschmidt is also a part of. However, Carter's jealousy over Peter being close to the Barringtons themselves gets him kicked out. Peter decides to get Carter back in by sneaking him in, though eventually they're both set to be kicked out when their plot is discovered. Carter starts to abuse Peter, and that gets him re-admitted, with Peter back to his lower-middle-class existence.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 21 Quotes

Chris: Hey, check it out, there's an air show!
Lois: Oh my god, they're gonna crash!
Peter: Oh no don't worry, it's a gay air show. They're just gonna lightly touch tips.

Wow, a parade! It's like I'm walking past stuff, but I'm not going anywhere!