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-Chris begins dating Pam, a classmate of his.

-But Pam's father, Jerome--owner of the Drunken Clam--disapproves of the relationship because Chris is white, while Pam and Jerome are black.

-Though the Griffins try to win Jerome over, he still opposes the relationship, and demands that Pam stop seeing Chris.

-Pam and Chris run away to a seedy motel to be together.

-While Jerome and Peter search for the kids together, Peter learns more about how difficult it is to be black in America, and how many undue hardships Jerome endures due to racism.

-Peter and Jerome find Pam and Chris, who haven't consummated their relationship.

-Jerome relents in his ban on the relationship.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 12 Episode 18 Quotes

Peter: Let me help you! I'm great at finding stuff. Last night, I found Lois's g-spot!
Lois: No, he didn't!
Peter: I didn't think she was home.

Lesbians have regular carpets, too, you pervs.