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-Disgusted by his family and their crass stupidity, Stewie decides to use his time machine to travel back in time and break Peter and Lois up, preventing his own conception.

-His plan works, causing Stewie to be born into a different life -- in the world of British high society.

-Though he is initially elated, Stewie soon finds that his new life is difficult and unpleasant.

-Stewie longs for his old life with the Griffins.

-Stewie builds a new time machine and travels back in time yet again, this time stopping himself from breaking up Peter and Lois in his previous time travel trip.

-Stewie's plan works again, and he re-enters Griffin family life, now happy to be the smartest person in a family of idiots.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 12 Episode 21 Quotes

Oh, it's starting! I'm gonna live-tweet the show and ruin it for everyone in other time zones.


TV Announcer: We now return to Jeremy Piven in The Incredible Hulk.
Jeremy Piven: You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
Man: I don't like you now.