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-Inspired by an old Western film, Brian and Stewie decide to become blood brothers.

-However, the next morning, Stewie realizes that Brian has given him more than a promise of his eternal friendship--he has also given Stewie herpes.

-Embarrassed by his sores, Stewie confronts Brian--who eventually admits that he knew he had herpes the whole time, but thinks it is no big deal.

-Stewie finds out that Chris also caught herpes from Brian during a blood brothers ceremony, and the two plan their revenge.

-Stewie and Chris ruin Brian's date, and then set out their terms of reconciliation: Chris wants to drive Brian's car down the block, and Stewie wants a date with Neve Campbell.

-Chris steals Brian's car, and Brian and Stewie make up.

-A group of men take over Peter, Joe, and Quagmire's usual booth at the Drunken Clam, emasculating them in the process.

-The three neighbors discover that they have lost the respect of their friends and family over the incident.

-Determined to reclaim their booth and their masculinity, the trio take on the menwho stole their booth--who proceed to beat them to a pulp.

-The men then reveal themselves to be soldiers about to ship off--winning everyone's favor, and turning the crowd against Peter, Joe, and Quagmire.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 12 Episode 16 Quotes

Stewie: Are you blood brothers with Meg because you ate her tampon out of the trash?
Brian: No, that, that's something else.

Says 'Glenn Quagmire.' But if you squint and imagine it says 'Peter Griffin,' it says 'Peter Griffin'!