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On Family Guy this week...

-When Peter drives Meg on a college visit, the two bond for the first time.

-But Meg finds Peter's newfound love for her exhausting.

-She eventually encourages him to return to their old dynamic.

-Brian gets sprayed by a skunk, and banished from the house for being smelly.

-While initially skeptical of life outdoors, Brian comes to love it, and finally feel at peace...until it rains.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 12 Episode 19 Quotes

Joe: I'll take smelling good over walking good any day.
Bonnie: You don't smell good, Joe.
Joe: I'm sorry, I thought I was alone.

Welcome all to James Woods High's annual college fair, where each year, our seniors gather to decide where they will go in the fall to get HPV.

Principal Shepherd