Watch Family Guy Season 13 Episode 3 online to join Peter and Lois on their new business venture. Tag along as Peter turns the establishment into something far more shady than Lois bargained for.

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Watch Family Guy Season 13 Episode 3 online to witness Stewie's newfound liking for cough syrup, Brian's well-timed intervention, and Peter's shady marketing strageties.

On "Baking Bad," Lois tries to generate charity for victims in Haiti through her and Peter's shared love for her delcious cookies. Together, the couple obtain a loan from a bank and proceed to establish the cleverly titled store: "Peter's Wife Cookies." However, once they realize that they need a revitalized marketing strategy in order to actually attract costumers, Peter goes way too far in his attempts to help out.

Lois realizes that this is just Peter's own way of trying to help, but she has to call it quits when Peter all about turns the family friendly cookie store into a seedy, shady, strip club joint.

Stewie hilariously stumbles his way through alcoholism with Brian as an onlooker. He eventually holds an intervention, saving the troubled toddler from going too far with his new hooby.

Watch Family Guy Season 16 Episode 3, "Baking Bad," online in order to relieve all your favorite jokes, gags, and hilarious skits. Watch online and join Peter and Lois on their cookie-inspired business venture, and watch as it turns into the hotspot for all those looking for some high-class seedy entertainment.

Episode Details

On Season 13 Episode 3 of Family Guy, "Baking Bad," Peter and Lois open up a bakery. However, things get out of hand when Peter devises a scheme to attract new customers.

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Family Guy Season 13 Episode 3 Quotes

Relax, Im sure Wycelf Jean got it all under control.


I'm the guy who killed your bodyguard.